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Event duration: 19:00 JST, July 31, 2016 - 17:00 JST, August 8, 2016
03:00 PDT, July 31, 2016 - 01:00 PDT, August 8, 2016

A Slice of Summer is a scenario event. A loyalty character joins you at the start, and progressing through the story unlocks free quests and raid bosses.

Free Quests Edit

Beach Beasts Begone!
10 AP 180 RP 208 XP
10 Loyalty
Earth Tokens: 3 Honor: 1000
Bronze Badge
Earth Orb
Brown Tome
Thunder Scroll
Sea Jewel
Angel weapon
No Ordinary Vacation
15 AP 300 RP 360 XP
15-16 Loyalty
Earth Tokens: 9 Honor: 3000
Bronze Badge
Silver Badge
Rumbling Orb
Thunder Scroll
Sea Jewel
Seismic Whorl

Raid Bosses Edit

VERY HARD: Rising Sunfish, Lvl 30 Earth
~3,475,00020 AP
Sea Jewel x3
2 EP 465 RP
615-617 XP
129-130 Loyalty
Honor5,0001,500 -
Earth Tokens1246
Silver Badge
Gold Badge
Angel item Mind's Eye Blindfold Silver Badge
Gold Badge
Mind's Eye Blindfold
Angel item
Bamboo Spear
Wood Bow
Wood Sword
  • TweetDeck
    • Lv30 ウオノタユウ
  • Charge Attacks
    • Life Tide: Gain Attack UP, Double Attack Rate UP, Defense DOWN.
    • Raging Wave: Randomly hits allies with water and earth damage 4 times. Used during Overdrive.
EXTREME: Custos Citrullus, Lvl 50 Earth
~9,100,00030 AP
Mind's Eye Blindfold x3
3 EP 646 RP
800 EXP
470 Loyalty
Honor10,0003,000 -
Earth Tokens24812
Gold Badge Angel item Archangel item Gold Badge
Champion Merit
Rainbow Prism
Archangel item
Bamboo Spear
Wood Bow
Wood Sword
  • TweetDeck
    • Lv50 守畏禍
  • Skills
    • Seed Cannon: Deals low Earth damage in multiple hits (~5?) to all allies.
  • Charge Attacks
    • Ultimate Headbutt: Deals Earth damage to a single target and removes all buffs. Used during Overdrive, used as a trigger under 50% HP.
    • Devastating Blow: Deals Earth damage over 8 hits to random allies and inflicts Blindfolded (HP hidden, Charge Attack sealed, attacks random targets, attacks are no longer elemental).
  • Power Unleashed
    • Charge Diamonds decrease from 3 to 2.

After defeating a Rising Sunfish or Custos Citrullus that you summon, there is a low chance to unlock a one-time, Nightmare-difficulty, solo quest. The first time this quest is completed, you earn 1 Blue Sky Crystal.

NIGHTMARE: ???, Lvl 70 Earth
???0 AP (first time)
Earth Tokens?
??? ??? ???
  • Skills
    •  ??
  • Charge Attacks
    •  ??

Daily Missions Edit

Daily slice

Beginning on 17:00 JST (01:00 PDT), August 4, 2016, players have a daily event mission. Supporting 5 event raids earns the following rewards:

  • Sea Jewel x3 (until 05:00 JST, August 6, 2016)
  • Mind's Eye Blindfold x3 (starting 05:00 JST, August 6, 2016)
  • 50 Crystals

This mission resets at 05:00 JST (13:00 PDT).

Event Rewards Edit

New Character Edit

JinWind iconA
Jin, SR Wind character, requires 750 loyalty to permanently join you after the event ends.

Event Limited Items Edit

  • Custos Citrullus, Rarity SSR Earth summon
    • Earth +40% ATK and -5% HP
  • Bamboo Spear, Rarity SR Earth Spear
    • Normal medium boost to Earth HP
  • Wood Bow, Rarity SR Earth Bow
    • Normal medium boost to Earth Double Attack Rate
  • Wood Sword, Rarity SSR Earth Katana
    • Normal big boost to Earth ATK

Token Draw Box Edit

Collect Earth Tokens by completing quests and defeating raid bosses. Spend 2 tokens to draw from the fixed-content reward box. Once Custos Citrullus is drawn, you may reset the box. Starting with the fourth drawbox, you can only reset the box once it is completely empty.

Draw Box Rewards
ItemBox 1Box 2Box 3Box 4
Custos Citrullus 1111
Bamboo Spear 1111
Wood Bow 1111
Fury Stone 1111
Fury Pebble 3333
Archangel weapon 5555
Angel weapon 50120150150
Rare weapon (no skill) 308080120
Normal weapon 100120200200
Angel Queen 30506060
Rare summon 30506060
Normal summon 100120200200
Soul Berry 20202020
Random treasure 2050100100
Crystal x10 5101010
Rupie x100 80100200250
Honor x1000 801202300
CP x10 4040600
Total number of items59789213821182

Battle Badge Edit

Battle Badge Rewards
1 Angel Katana x3 Soul Berry x3 Earth Token x20
3 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x10 Soul Berry x3
6 Rupie x2000 Rupie x3000 Earth Token x20
9 CP x20 Earth Token x10 Rupie x5000
12 Angel Spear x3 Rupie x3000 Earth Token x20
15 Sea Jewel x4 Earth Token x10 Half Elixir
18 CP x20 Soul Berry x3 Earth Token x20
21 Rupie x2000 Earth Token x10 Mind's Eye Blindfold x3
24 Angel Bow x3 Sea Jewel x4 Earth Token x20
27 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x10 Angel Katana x3
30 Bamboo Spear Wood Bow Bamboo Spear
33 Angel Katana x3 Angel Katana x3 Soul Berry x3
36 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x10 Rupie x5000
39 Rupie x2000 Soul Berry x3 Water Token x20
42 Sea Jewel x4 Rupie x3000 Mind's Eye Blindfold x3
45 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x10 Half Elixir
48 Rupie x2000 Rupie x3000 Earth Token x20
50 Earth Token x20 CP x20 CP x20
55 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x20
60 Sea Jewel x4 Angel Bow x3
65 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x20
70 Soul Berry x3 Mind's Eye Blindfold x3
75 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x20
80 Half Elixir Half Elixir
85 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x20
90 Angel Bow x3 Soul Berry x3
95 Earth Token x10 Earth Token x20
100 Rupie x3000 CP x20
110 Earth Token x20 Angel Spear x3
120 Half Elixir Soul Berry x3
130 Earth Token x20 Earth Token x25
140 Angel Spear x3 Half Elixir
150 CP x20 CP x20
160 Earth Token x20 Angel Katana x3
170 Rupie x3000 Wood Bow
180 Soul Berry x3 Soul Balm
190 Earth Token x20 Earth Token x25
200 CP x20 CP x20
220 Angel Bow x3 Mind's Eye Blindfold x3
240 Half Elixir Half Elixir
260 Earth Token x20 Earth Token x25
280 Rupie x3000 Angel Spear x3
300 CP x20 Wood Sword

Honor Collection Edit

Collect honor by completing quests and defeating raid bosses. When certain amounts of honor is accumulated, earn rewards. The number used to gauge each player's contribution to a raid boss is also called honor; the amount of event honor earned per raid boss is equal to the amount of contribution honor accumulated plus a static bonus amount based on whether you started the raid or joined as support.

Notable Honor Rewards
200,000 Wood Bow
300,000 Bamboo Spear
400,000 Supreme Merit
600,000 Wood Bow
900,000 Supreme Merit
1,000,000 Wood Sword
1,100,000 Bamboo Spear
1,200,000 Custos Citrullus
1,500,000 Supreme Merit
2,000,000 Wood Sword
2,100,000 Supreme Merit
2,500,000 Supreme Merit
3,000,000 Wood Sword

Challenge Battle: "Enter the Melon" Edit

Guests: Narmaya (Summer), JJ (Summer), Jin (Wind), Lunalu (Summer)
Completion reward: Blue Sky Crystal

This is an easy Challenge Battle. Use Narmaya's 1st and 2nd abilities liberally, as well as JJ's 2nd ability and Lunalu's 2nd ability. If you are in a crew with the 20% Charge Gauge effect active, you can use Jin's 1st ability followed by his 2nd, otherwise you will have to use his 2nd then wait a turn to activate his 1st. When Custos Citrullus is in Overdrive, wait until Jin is at 110% Charge Gauge and Lunalu is 100% (so hopefully Narmaya and JJ are both at 100% as well), then use Lunalu's 1st ability followed by Jin's 3rd ability. This should give them both Overdrive Assassin, so your Chain Burst should do significant damage, if not putting the boss in Break mode immediately. Once the boss is in Break mode, activate Narmaya's 3rd ability to give her Break Assassin and the boss should be dead, or very close to it.

Trailer Edit

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