A listing of all skill icons currently uploaded, sorted by border color.

Red SkillsEdit

Image Filename Skill Examples
Ability ArmorBreak Ability_ArmorBreak.png Abilities that deal damage and reduce defense like Armor Break
Ability Arrow Ability_Arrow.png Abilities that deal damage with arrows like Arrow Rain
Ability Autumnal Ability_Autumnal.png Heles' "Autumnal"
Ability Attack Ability_Attack.png Abilities that deal damage to single foe like SR Rackam's Ability 1
Ability Attack2 Ability_Attack2.png Abilities that deal damage and sometimes buff the user
Ability BlackFire Ability_BlackFire.png Anna (SR)'s "Black Fire"
Ability Blaster Missile Ability_Blaster_Missile.png Robomi's Blaster Missile
Ability BlindShot Ability_BlindShot.png Abilities that deal damage and inflict Blind
Ability Bomb Ability_Bomb.png Ninja ZEX Bomb Ability
Ability Cloudy Ability_Cloudy.png Ninja Ability 3 "Cloudy"
Ability Counter Ability_Counter.png Abilities that counter regular attacks like Counter
Ability Dark Ability_Dark.png Abilities that deal Dark damage like Dark Energy
Ability DarkDual Ability_DarkDual.png Abilities that deal Dark damage and another element damage such as Affection Oath
Ability DreadWings Ability_DreadWings.png Elize's 2nd skill
Ability Drive Ability_Drive.png Abilities that deal damage that is increased if the target is in Overdrive like Drive Burst
Ability DurationRed Ability_DurationRed.png Abilities that damage and cuts enemy mode bar
Ability Earth Ability_Earth.png Abilities that deal Earth damage like Collapse
Ability Elemental Ability_Elemental.png Abilities that deal any elemental damage like Ether Burst or that deal multielemental damage like Shinra Bansho
Ability Erica 1 Ability_Erica_1.png Erica Fontaine's 1st skill
Ability FightingSpirit Ability_FightingSpirit.png Abilities that deal damage and affect the user's charge bar
Ability Fire Ability_Fire.png Abilities that deal Fire damage like Fire
Ability FlyHigh Ability_FlyHigh.png Tsubasa Kashiwagi's 3rd skill
Ability FMetera 2 Ability_FMetera_2.png Fire Metera's "Adorned Remittance"
Ability FMetera 3 Ability_FMetera_3.png Fire Metera's "Descent of the Flames"
Ability Four Elements Ability_Four_Elements.png Abilities that deal Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind multielemental damage.
Ability Frost Ability_Frost.png Abilities with a strong ice theme like Lancelot's Wogenstrom
Ability Gravity 1 Ability_Gravity_1.png Clarisse's "Atomic Resolution"
Ability GroundZero Ability_GroundZero.png Sarasa's "Ground Zero"
Ability Heart Ability_Heart.png Airi Totoki's 1st skill
Ability HPAttack Ability_HPAttack.png Abilities that deal damage based on user's HP or abilities that drain target's HP.
Ability HeavyKick Ability_HeavyKick.png Chun-Li's 3rd skill
Ability HeavyPunch Ability_HeavyPunch.png Ryu's Shouryuken
Ability Ice Ability_Ice.png Abilities that deal Water damage like Ice
Ability Impact Ability_Impact.png Abilities that deal damage with sword like SR Farrah's Ability 3
Ability Iris Beam Ability_Iris_Beam.png Abilities that deal Light damage and inflict a debuff.
Ability Iris Beam Blue Ability_Iris_Beam_Blue.png Blue version of Ability_Iris_Beam.png.
Ability Iron Maiden Ability_Iron_Maiden.png Rosetta (SSR)'s Iron Main skill.
Ability Killstreak Ability_Killstreak.png Abilities that deal high damage based on conditions like Killstreak
Ability Lead Ability_Lead.png Lancer Line Ability "Lead Drive" and "Lead Drive II"
Ability Light Ability_Light.png Abilities that deal Light damage like Shining
Ability Lightning Ability_Lightning.png Abilities associated with lightning
Ability LightKick Ability_LightKick.png Chun-Li's 1st skill
Ability LightPunch Ability_LightPunch.png Ryu's Hadoken
Ability Lina 1 Ability_Lina_1.png Lina Inverse's 1st skill
Ability Lina 3 Ability_Lina_3.png Lina Inverse's 3nd skill
Ability Lina 4 Ability_Lina_4.png Lina Inverse's 4th skill
Ability Lowain Ability_Lowain.png Summer Lowain's "I Miss You"
Ability MediumKick Ability_MediumKick.png Ryu's Senpukyaku
Ability MediumPunch Ability_MediumPunch.png Chun-Li's 2nd skill
Ability MusicDamage Ability_MusicDamage.png Abilities that damage and are related to music
Ability Naga 1 Ability_Naga_1.png Naga's 1st skill
Ability Naga 3 Ability_Naga_3.png Naga's 3rd skill
Ability Naga 4 Ability_Naga_4.png Naga's 4th skill
Ability Pilfer 1 Ability_Pilfer_1.png Skills that inflict Debuff Resistance DOWN.
Ability Poison Ability_Poison.png Abilities that deal damage and inflict Poison like Poison
Ability Putrefy Ability_Putrefy.png Abilities that deal damage and inflict Putrety
Ability Pyre Ability_Pyre.png Abilities that deal damage based on ougi like Pyre Revelation
Ability QuickHit Ability_QuickHit.png Skills that perform instant attacks like Yngwie's Wild and Tough.
Ability Resolution Ability_Resolution.png Summer Zooey's 1st skill
Ability Revelations Ability_Revelations.png Sarya's 3rd skill
Ability Sachiko 2 Ability_Sachiko_2.png Sachiko Koshimizu's 2nd skill
Ability Sakura 1 Ability_Sakura_1.png Sakura Shinguji's 1st skill
Ability Sakura 2 Ability_Sakura_2.png Sakura Shinguji's 2nd skill
Ability Sakura 3 Ability_Sakura_3.png Sakura Shinguji's 3rd skill
Ability Shoot Ability_Shoot.png Gunslinger Ability "Early Shot"
Ability Shuriken Ability_Shuriken.png Ninja Ability "Fuuma Shuriken"
Ability Skull 1 Ability_Skull_1.png Skull's 1st skill
Ability Skull 2 Ability_Skull_2.png Skull's 2nd skill
Ability Slow Ability_Slow.png Abilities that deal damage and inflict Slow like Delay
Ability Snowflake Ability_Snowflake.png Redluck's 1st skill
Ability SpinningSlash Ability_SpinningSlash.png Zooey's 1st skill
Ability Stahn 1 Ability_Stahn_1.png Stahn Aileron's 1st skill
Ability Stahn 2 Ability_Stahn_2.png Stahn Aileron's 2nd skill
Ability Stahn 3 Ability_Stahn_3.png Stahn Aileron's 3rd skill
Ability Teepo Ability_Teepo.png Elize's 1st skill
Ability Thrust Ability_Thrust.png Abilities that deal damage with a thrusting theme
Ability Thunder Ability_Thunder.png Zooey's 3rd skill
Ability Tome Ability_Tome.png Alistair's 2nd skill
Ability Transient Ability_Transient.png Narmaya's "Transient"
Ability TreasureRed Ability_TreasureRed.png Abilities that deal damage and apply Bounty Hunter stacks such as Tien's "Intense Ballet"
Ability PumpkinBomb Ability_PumpkinBomb.png Ferry (Halloween)'s 1st skill
Ability Vergiften Ability_Vergiften.png Ferry's "Vergiften"
Ability WeaponBreak Ability_WeaponBreak.png Abilities that deal damage and inflict ATK down
Ability Wind Ability_Wind.png Skills that deal Wind damage.
Ability WinterMoon Ability_WinterMoon.png Redluck's 2nd skill
Ability Yoda 1 Ability_Yoda_1.png Yodarha's "Awakening"
Ability Zombie Ability_Zombie.png Abilities that deal dark damage and inflict Zombie

Green SkillsEdit

Image Filename Skill Examples
Ability Autorevive Ability_Autorevive.png Abilities that grant autorevive
Ability BookClear Ability_BookClear.png Alternate icon for abilities that clear debuffs
Ability Cat Ability_Cat.png Dante (SR)'s 3rd skill
Ability Clear Ability_Clear.png Abilities that clear debuffs like Clear
Ability ClearAll Ability_ClearAll.png Cleric EX Ability "Clear All"
Ability Fruit Ability_Fruit.png Malinda's 3rd skill
Ability Heal Ability_Heal.png Abilities that restore HP like SR Katalina's Ability 1
Ability HealAll Ability_HealAll.png Priest Line Abilities "Heal All" and "Heal All II", Alchemist's EX Ability "Medic"
Ability Letter Ability_Letter.png Ryan (SR)'s 3rd skill
Ability Lina 2 Ability_Lina_2.png Lina's 2nd skill
Ability Macaroon Ability_Macaroon.png Kanako Mimura's 3rd skill
Ability Naga 2 Ability_Naga_2.png Naga's 2nd skill
Ability Porridge Ability_Porridge.png Yaia's 2nd skill
Ability Potion Ability_Potion.png Abilities that produce a Cure Potion like Imbue: Cure Potion
Ability Regen Ability_Regen.png Abilities that provide a regen buff like Minstrel Song
Ability Resurrection Ability_Resurrection.png Elize's 3rd skill
Ability Revive Ability_Revive.png Abilities that revive fallen allies like Revive
Ability Selfheal Ability_Selfheal.png Abilities that recover self HP or self-buff like SR Rosetta's Ability 3
Ability Yoda 2 Ability_Yoda_2.png Yoda's "Perpetual Rotation"

Yellow SkillsEdit

Image Filename Skill Examples
Ability Ability Ability_Ability.png Abilities that buff Ability Damage like Elemental Force
Ability Assassin Ability_Assassin.png Abilities that greatly amplify the damage of the next attack like Break Assassin
Ability Attract Ability_Attract.png Abilities that increase hostility
Ability Aura Ability_Aura.png Priest Ability "Aura"
Ability Aurora Ability_Aurora.png Used for certain defense buffs like Samurai's Ability 3 and FSutera's Ability 3.
Ability Barrier Ability_Barrier.png Abilities that provide a barrier such as White Wall
Ability Battery Ability_Battery.png Eustace's "Anti-Social"
Ability BonusDamage Ability_BonusDamage.png Abilities that grant bonus damage to normal attacks
Ability BonusDamageWater Ability_BonusDamageWater.png Abilities that grant bonus Water damage to normal attacks
Ability Burst Ability_Burst.png Skills that fill the Charge Bar like Weapon Burst.
Ability Butterfly Ability_Butterfly.png Narmaya's "Butterfly Effect"
Ability ButterflyBlue Ability_ButterflyBlue.png Summer Narmaya's "Butterfly Effect"
Ability CABoost Ability_CABoost.png Skills that boost Charge Attack damage (e.g. Barawa's Deduce).
Ability Camaro Ability_Camaro.png Flesseelle's 2nd skill
Ability Switch Ability_Switch.png Sidewinder subskill Change.
Ability ChargeAll Ability_ChargeAll.png Skills that charge both allies and enemies (e.g. Heles (Summer)'s Carry On)
Ability Chat 1 Ability_Chat_1.png Chat Noir's Challenge Letter
Ability ChillOut Ability_ChillOut.png Summer J.J's "Chill Out"
Ability Choke Ability_Choke.png Hermit subskill Choke.
Ability Cielo della Grazia Ability_Cielo_della_Grazia.png Juliet's Cielo della Grazia.
Ability Conjunction Ability_Conjunction.png Zooey (Summer)'s Conjunction.
Ability Convert Ability_Convert.png Skills that convert HP to charge bar (e.g. Mystic's Splitting Spirit).
Ability Cover Ability_Cover.png Skills that redirect attacks like Cover.
Ability Critical Ability_Critical.png Abilities that increase Critical Hit Rate like Power Rise.
Ability DebuffRes Ability_DebuffRes.png Skills that grant Debuff Resistance.
Ability Defend Ability_Defend.png Skills that boost Defense.
Ability Dodge Ability_Dodge.png Skills that grant Dodge.
Ability DrusillaHat Ability_DrusillaHat.png Drusilla's 1st skill
Ability Duration2 Ability_Duration2.png Skills that affect allies' foe mode bar reduction effect.
Ability EagleEye Ability_EagleEye.png Silva's Eagle Eye.
Ability Egg Ability_Egg.png Exclusive to Ippatsu
Ability Energy Charge Ability_Energy_Charge.png Abilities that heal and buff the user.
Ability Evasion Ability_Evasion.png Skills that evade attacks like Sidewinder's Lightweight.
Ability ExtendTime Ability_ExtendTime.png Abilities that extend buff duration like Feower's Avirati
Ability Facsimile Ability_Facsimile.png Lunalu's Facsimile.
Ability FanDance Ability_FanDance.png Societte (Fire)'s 3rd skill
Ability Fiamma Blu Ability_Fiamma_Blu.png Romeo's 3rd skill.
Ability Fireworks Ability_Fireworks.png Yuel's Third Dance: Ember Bloom.
Ability Focus Ability_Focus.png Skills that increase skill damage with a penalty like Focus
Ability ForbiddenSkillz Ability_ForbiddenSkillz.png Lowain (Event)'s 3rd skill
Ability FrozenBlade Ability_FrozenBlade.png Exclusive icon for Dante
Ability Gluehen Ability_Gluehen.png Percival (Summer)'s Gluehen.
Ability HealBoost Ability_HealBoost.png Abilities that boost healing skill such as Jasmine's Forest's Prayer
Ability Heat Ability_Heat.png Airi Totoki's 3rd skill
Ability Hissatsu Ability_Hissatsu.png Samurai Ability "Finishing Touch"
Ability Hype Ability_Hype.png Abilities that grant Hype
Ability Ichijigamae Ability_Ichijigamae.png Ogre ZEX Ability "Ichijigamae"
Ability Illusion Ability_Illusion.png Abilities that grant Mirror Image
Ability Invincible Ability_Invincible.png Abilities that completely negate damage like Centurion
Ability Katalina Ability_Katalina.png Lowain (Event)'s 2nd skill
Ability Kramps Ability_Kramps.png Yaia's 1st skill
Ability LightBuff Ability_LightBuff.png Skills that boost Light Attack (e.g. Juliet's Fulmine Bianco).
Ability Lyst Ability_Lyst.png Vira (Summer)'s Lyst.
Ability Math Ability_Math.png Abilities related to math like Q.E.D.
Ability Meditation Ability_Meditation.png Skills that exchange Charge Bar for power like Meditation
Ability Misdirect Ability_Misdirect.png Skills that raise an ally's hostility (e.g. Assassin's Out of Sight).
Ability Morale Ability_Morale.png Alchemist skill "Raise Morale"
Ability MusicBlue Ability_MusicBlue.png Musical abilities that boost defense.
Ability MusicRed Ability_MusicRed.png Musical abilities that boost offense.
Ability MysticEye Ability_MysticEye.png Mystic skill Omnipotent Eye.
Ability MysticFate Ability_MysticFate.png Mystic skill Fate Foreseen.
Ability Ninjutsu Ability_Ninjutsu.png Ninja skill "Ninjutsu"
Ability Noir Blanc Ability_Noir_Blanc.png Korwa's Noir et Blanc.
Ability Ougi Ability_Ougi.png Abilities that increase ougi gain rate like Rahu Asura Stance or increase ougi directly like Ferri's Benediction
Ability OugiDamage Ability_OugiDamage.png Abilities that increase ougi damage like Ferry's "Grausam"
Ability Overture Ability_Overture.png Harpist Line Abilities "Overture" and "Overture II"
Ability Phalanx Ability_Phalanx.png Abilities that provide party-wide damage cut like Phalanx
Ability Piercing Ability_Piercing.png Lancer Line EX Abilities "Dual Impulse", "Dual Impulse II", "Dual Impulse III"
Ability PowderKeg Ability_PowderKeg.png Cucouroux's 2nd skill
Ability Prism Ability_Prism.png Zooey's 2nd skill
Ability Quick Ability_Quick.png Abilities that increase multiattack rate like Quick
Ability Rage Ability_Rage.png Abilities that buff Attack like Rage
Ability Ramen Ability_Ramen.png Exclusive to Ippatsu
Ability Rampage Ability_Rampage.png Weapon Master EX Ability "Rampage"
Ability RedStar Ability_RedStar.png Teru Tendo's 3rd skill
Ability Reflect Ability_Reflect.png Abilities that provide a Reflect buff like Reflect
Ability Reload Ability_Reload.png Gunslinger skill Lock 'n' Load.
Ability Retaliate Ability_Retaliate.png Assassin skill Retaliation Reprise.
Ability Rhymes Ability_Rhymes.png Zeta (Summer)'s Rhymes.
Ability Rose Barrier Ability_Rose_Barrier.png Rosetta (SSR)'s Rose Barrier skill.
Ability Sachiko 1 Ability_Sachiko_1.png Sachiko Koshimizu's 1st skill
Ability Sachiko 3 Ability_Sachiko_3.png Sachiko Koshimizu 3rd skill
Ability Sacrifice Ability_Sacrifice.png Abilities that increase attack at a cost like Sacrifice
Ability Sanction Ability_Sanction.png Magisa's "Sanction"
Ability Scroll Ability_Scroll.png Andira's Tricumulo.
Ability Selfharm Ability_Selfharm.png Skills that negatively affect the user as part of its cost
Ability Skilled Ability_Skilled.png Assassin's Selectively Skilled.
Ability Snatch Ability_Snatch.png Skills which take effects from the enemy for oneself like Force Snatch or Amira's Ability 2
Ability Spirit Ability_Spirit.png Skills which provide growth in power like Refined Spirit
Ability Steroid Ability_Steroid.png Skills for medicinally induced superpower such as Alchemist's Demon Pills or SR Jasmine's Ability 3
Ability Switch Ability_Switch.png Abilities that switch the user with a character in the backrow
Ability SwordHeal Ability_SwordHeal.png Sword Master's Energize.
Ability SwordRelease Ability_SwordRelease.png Sword Master's Awakening Blade.
Ability SwordResonance Ability_SwordResonance.png Sword Master's Resonating Blade.
Ability Toast Ability_Toast.png Skills that add bonus fixed damage like Hallessena's You're Toast!
Ability Triple Ability_Triple.png Skills that increase or guarantee triple attacks like Deadly Aim.
Ability Triple2 Ability_Triple2.png Skills that increase or guarantee triple attacks (e.g. Heles (Summer)'s Reckoning Night).
Ability Trine Ability_Trine.png Gunslinger's skill Triple Threat.
Ability Veil Ability_Veil.png Skills that provide a status shield (e.g. Veil, Katalina's Dispel Mount)
Ability VIP Ability_VIP.png Drusilla's 2nd skill
Ability Vetements Ability_Vetements.png Korwa's Des Vetements.
Ability Viscos Ability_Viscos.png Korwa's Viscos.
Ability VTriggerYellow Ability_VTriggerYellow.png Karin's V-Trigger
Ability Yaia Ability_Yaia.png Yaia's 3rd skill
Ability Yoda 3 Ability_Yoda_3.png Yodarha (SSR)'s Hymn of the Hundreds.

Blue AbilitiesEdit

Image Filename Skill Examples
Ability ArmorBreak 4 Ability_ArmorBreak_4.png Abilities that inflict the Defense DOWN debuff.
Ability AttackDown Ability_AttackDown.png Abilities that inflict the Attack DOWN debuff.
Ability Blind Ability_Blind.png Abilities that inflict the Blind debuff.
Ability Dispel Ability_Dispel.png Abilities that remove a buff from the enemy like Dispel.
Ability Duration Ability_Duration.png Abilities that affect the enemy's Charge Attack meter like Duration.
Ability Evidence Ability_Evidence.png Sarya's 2nd skill
Ability Faszination Ability_Faszination.png Summer Percival's "Faszination"
Ability Fear Ability_Fear.png Abilities that inflict the Petrify debuff.
Ability FrostBlue ]Ability_FrostBlue.png Light blue version of Ability_Frost.png
Ability Gravity Ability_Gravity.png Abilities that inflict the Gravity debuff.
Ability Jackolantern Ability_Jackolantern.png Halloween related abilities such as Halloween Charlotta's 2nd skill
Ability Kyogasuigetsu Ability_Kyogasuigetsu.png Narmaya's "Kyogasuigetsu."
Ability Lock Ability_Lock.png Abilities that inflict the Extend Break debuff.
Ability MagicName Ability_MagicName.png Anna (SR)'s "Magic Name"
Ability Miserable Ability_Miserable.png Abilities that inflict multiple stat debuffs like Miserable Mist.
Ability MusicPurple Ability_MusicPurple.png Harpist Line EX Abilities "Charm Song" and "Charm Song II."
Ability Mystery Ability_Mystery.png Abilities with a random effect.
Ability PhysicalEndurance Ability_PhysicalEndurance.png Summer Narmaya's "Physical Endurance" and blue colored version of Narmaya's "Transient"
Ability Pilfer Ability_Pilfer.png Abilities that inflict the Debuff Resistance DOWN debuff.
Ability Poison 4 Ability_Poison_4.png Abilities that inflict the Poison debuff.
Ability QuickDown Ability_QuickDown.png Abilities that inflict the Multiattack Rate DOWN debuff.
Ability Slice Ability_Slice.png Kaoru Sakuraba's 3rd skill
Ability Treasure Ability_Treasure.png Abilities that apply the Treasure Hunt special debuff.
Ability Tuning Ability_Tuning.png Abilities that inflict Tuning or related to music
Ability VTrigger Ability_VTrigger.png Abilities that activate V-Trigger
Ability ZombieBlue Ability_ZombieBlue.png Abilities that inflict Zombie

Purple SkillsEdit

Image Filename Skill Examples
Ability Bisection Ability_Bisection.png Zooey's Bisection.
Ability Flare Ability_Flare.png Zahlhamelina's Flare.
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