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The Beginner's Draw Set, known in Japanese as "Start Dash," is a special draw promotion initially available to new Granblue Fantasy accounts. For 3000 MobaCoin/Granblue Coin, the player receives a Beginner's Pick Ticket and a Premium 10-Part Ticket. The 10-part ticket alone has a standard value of 3000 MobaCoin/Granblue Coin, so, comparatively, you are getting the Pick Ticket for "free" with the 10-part ticket.

The Beginner's Pick Ticket allows the player to exchange for a single character weapon or summon. What is available to pick depends on when the account was created, not from when the Beginner's Draw Set appears. This draw set uniquely allows players to obtain limited characters outside of their promotional periods, such as Premium Gala story characters or holiday-themed characters.

The promotion will be available for 48 hours after the account is created. If it is not purchased within the time limit, the promotion will disappear. However, every month on the same calendar day, the promotion will reappear, starting at 5:00 AM JST, for another 48 hours. This will repeat indefinitely, or until the player purchases the draw set.

Who should I pick? Edit

First of all, browse the SSR Characters List and see if there's a character you like.

Maybe you got interested in the game because of that character, or think he or she looks cool or attractive. If this is the case and you really want that character, go ahead and pick it. It's highly recommended to pick a character that will motivate you to play the game and keep you interested, because games should be fun and interesting, and it's no fun to play a game when you're not interested.

If no one stands out, or you prefer function as much as or more than looks, then you will next want to choose an element. If you were lucky enough to start with a Rarity SSR, or rerolled into one, then it would be efficient to build a team around what you already have. Otherwise, just browse all the recommendations and see if any character sounds fun to play with.

Label Element Fire
Percival iconAPercival for damage and utility if you're going fire. Percival comes with a unique Fear skill that prevents enemies from charging up, making battles a lot easier if you manage to land it.
Clarisse iconAClarisse has a -25% Defense debuff and two skills that deal plain damage, one with a dispel on top. Her passive boost to debuff success rate works on the backline and is vital for helping Percival stick his Fear.
Yuel iconAYuel brings an all-important heal with Clarity to the party, but other than that she has a lot of damage and damage boosts at her disposal.
2040021000Athena is one of the only summons that can be recommended for a pick ticket because she's simply that good. While certainly a strong Fire lead, her main appeal is her 30% damage cut, which can be combined with Holy Saber's Phalanx for 1 turn of damage invulnerability.
Label Element Water
YodarhaSSR iconAYodarha deals 1 million damage with his Charge Attack without any investment, so he's great for newbies, Strike Time farming, and creed farming. In general, he's very good for short battles.
Altair iconAAltair is a great buffer/debuffer for water. He comes with a Miserable Mist copy that debuffs the enemy attack/defense, an ability that instantly gives 30% ougi to allies and buffs attack/defense so he's really good for water.
Lancelot iconALancelot may not be very flashy, but he's very good at what he does, which is beat enemies into pulp. He has some nukes, his Charge Attack lets you nuke more, and his multiattack buffs let you Charge Attack more. Simple, effective.
Lilele iconALilele is a good healer/buffer in water and her thing is that her abilities on male characters (MC's gender counts) so you want to use a full male team like Gran/Altair/Lancelot if you have her or get her.
Yngwie iconAYngwie tanks well but requires a battery to shine. If you have Altair, Lilele, or a reliable source of multiattacks, he can finish out a party with a hostility boost and 400% defense.
Label Element Earth
SaraSSR iconASara is an amazing tank that can be used in any element. Her kit allows you to survive things you have no right surviving.
Cagliostro iconACagliostro provides a rare source of team multiattack for Earth, although she needs to be level 100 to get it.
Nemone iconANemone plays like a ticking bomb, storing up power and unleashing it all in one go. Her kit allows her to adjust hostility but also dodge attacks, which gives her more charge bar faster.
Aletheia iconAIf you don't like Nemone's playstyle, Aletheia is a more straightforward attacker who synergizes with the Yggdrasil sword build.
Label Element Wind
Nezahualpilli iconANezahualpilli is somewhat mediocre in the early/mid game, but his Break Assassin skills allow you to deal huge damage to bosses. His 5★ uncap just exacerbates his damage-dealing capabilities.
PetraSSR iconAPetra has a whole mess of varied skills, but they're all amazing and useful. She buffs elemental damage, great for off-element characters and on Grande Order teams. She has a very strong nuke, her passive heals your party every turn, and her Illusion synergizes incredibly well with Tiamat guns' enmity. Petra isn't quite as flashy as other Wind characters, but she's always very highly recommended.
Korwa iconAKorwa is considering one of the best, if not the best, support characters in the game, usable on any team, even as off-element. Her buffs supercharge any party, offering both offensive and defensive bonuses.
Label Element Light
Jeanne d'Arc iconAJeanne d'Arc is notable for providing a -25% Defense debuff that stacks with Miserable Mist to reach the maximum -50%, as well as a party-wide Attack buff. If that isn't good enough, she's also capable of giving herself guaranteed triple attacks to help keep up on charge generation.
Amira iconAAmira gives Light teams really strong charge attack generation with a multiattack buff that increases charge bar gained. She also happens to do a lot of damage on the side.
FerrySSR iconAFerry has ridiculous offensive buffs, granting guaranteed triple attacks with echo damage to the entire party. If you bring Clarity, you can also follow that up with boosted Charge Attack damage.
Juliet iconAA relative newcomer, Juliet has proven herself to be a powerhouse, with a strong Light Attack boost combined with a Charge Attack that tacks on a Light nuke.
Label Element Dark
Narmaya iconANarmaya is Dark's premier attacker. She might look complicated to use, but she will give your team a huge damage boost with her Overdrive assassin and additional weakness damage abilities.
Vania iconAVania fits on both Draph and Human teams due to her Unknown race, so she benefits from all Bahamut Weapons. She comes with a strong charm, a dispel, and a delay that boosts allies' charge bars.
ViraSSR iconAVira (SSR) has the all-important Veil, which is frequently vital for soloing content. She's also a great attacker with a 5★ uncap.

Some characters are also worth considering for late-game teams for their Veil skills, including: Magisa, Arulumaya, Seruel.

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