Classes represent the main character's role in the party. Each class can be leveled up to 20, earning active skills and passive bonuses along the way. Upon reaching level 20, the class will earn a Mastery Bonus, which is a permanent, passive stat boost that applies to the main character regardless of the current class. Additional levels gained beyond level 20 will instead generate 1 Extended Mastery Point (EMP).

Row I Classes Edit

Fighter gran profileFighter djeeta profileKnight gran profileKnight djeeta profilePriest gran profilePriest djeeta profileWizard gran profileWizard djeeta profileThief gran profileThief djeeta profile
Enhancer gran profileEnhancer djeeta profileGrappler gran profileGrappler djeeta profileRanger gran profileRanger djeeta profileHarpist gran profileHarpist djeeta profileLancer gran profileLancer djeeta profile

Row II Classes Edit

Warrior gran profileWarrior djeeta profileSentinel gran profileSentinel djeeta profileCleric gran profileCleric djeeta profileSorcerer gran profileSorcerer djeeta profileRaider gran profileRaider djeeta profile
Arcana Dueler gran profileArcana Dueler djeeta profileKung-Fu Artist gran profileKung-Fu Artist djeeta profileArcher gran profileArcher djeeta profileBard gran profileBard djeeta profileDragoon gran profileDragoon djeeta profile

Row III Classes Edit

Weapon Master gran profileWeapon Master djeeta profileHoly Saber gran profileHoly Saber djeeta profileBishop gran profileBishop djeeta profileHermit gran profileHermit djeeta profileHawkeye gran profileHawkeye djeeta profile
Dark Fencer gran profileDark Fencer djeeta profileOgre gran profileOgre djeeta profileSidewinder gran profileSidewinder djeeta profileSuperstar gran profileSuperstar djeeta profileValkyrie gran profileValkyrie djeeta profile

Row IV Classes Edit

Unlocking Row IV classes requires 2500 CP, 20 corresponding Class Distinctions, and having completed a special class quest. The quest is unlocked by crafting a Class Champion Weapon in its entirety.
Berserker gran profileBerserker djeeta profileSpartan gran profileSpartan djeeta profileSage gran profileSage djeeta profile
Warlock gran profileWarlock djeeta profileBandit Tycoon gran profileBandit Tycoon djeeta profileChaos Ruler gran profileChaos Ruler djeeta profile

Extra Classes Edit

Unlocking Extra classes requires CP, Warrior Creeds or Mage Creeds, and a trophy from having hosted and completed various Extra Coop Quests.
Alchemist gran profileAlchemist djeeta profileNinja gran profileNinja djeeta profileSamurai gran profileSamurai djeeta profile
Sword Master gran profileSword Master djeeta profileGunslinger gran profileGunslinger djeeta profileMystic gran profileMystic djeeta profileAssassin gran profileAssassin djeeta profile

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