Coop room
Cooperative Mode, commonly called "Coop" or "Co-op," contains a separate quest chain that must be done in groups of 2-4 players. One player, the leader, creates the room, then either invites other players by giving out the room ID or posts the room publicly on the Room Board and/or Crew Chat. To join a room, either browse the list of public rooms or enter a room ID in the search field.

Coop Room Edit

The coop room is the staging area for a coop group. Rooms can stay open for a maximum of 1 hour at a time, or until the leader closes the room.

Any player in the room can choose a coop quest. The player who does will expend their own AP to start the quest, while other players will not pay any AP to join the quest. Like raid bosses, the coop quest host will earn 1 red chest while the MVP also earns 1 red chest. After a quest is chosen for the first time, a Select Support button appears. Players choose a support summon from among those set by the other players in the room. When doing more than one quest in the same room, the last support summon chosen will default for the next quest, so players have to proactively change their chosen support summon if necessary.

There is a coop room chat, and also an Item tab. The Item tab can be used to easily restore AP, but also coop buff items are used here. Coop buff items grant various benefits, stack up to 10 times each (except for potions at 4), and last until the room closes. They can be purchased from the Quest Items shop with materials obtained during coop quests.

Coop Quest Overview Edit

Coop quests consist of a single raid boss. Each quest varies in mechanics and difficulty. All players in the coop room join the battle at the same time and fight in tandem.

There are trophies for completing every quest in a stage and for unlocking additional stages. There are also trophies for completing a large number of coop quests using each class which reward highly sought-after distinctions needed to unlock Row IV classes.

The following tables contain the minimum necessary coop quests to reach Extra mode, where players commonly farm for Warrior Creed Warrior Creeds, Mage Creed Mage Creeds, and Class Champion Weapon replicas. In order to clear a quest, players must host the quest themselves. Note that this will not unlock every quest along the way.

12, 4, 6
21, 4, 6
32, 4, 5
42, 3, 5, 6
53, 4, 6
63, 5, 6
71, 4, 6
82, 4, 6
11, 2, 6
22, 3, 6
33, 5, 6
42, 4, 6
51, 5, 6
62, 5, 6
73, 4, 5
84, 5, 6
Each Extra quest unlocks
one by one in order.

Coop Quest Hints/Strategies Edit

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The Hard Coop stages contain the same quests as Normal, but, with the increased damage and health, paying attention to the mechanics is more important to save time and prevent the need for Full Elixirs or retreating.

Hard Stage 2

In a Dusk Dream

The Slime boss on this stage only takes significant damage from non-elemental attacks. It is the most efficient stage (in terms of time & AP usage) for RP/EXP farming and also drops a healthy supply of Full Elixir, Half Elixir and Vortical Pinwheel.
It's recommended to bring characters who have skills which do non-elemental damage such as: Threo, Clarisse, Camieux (Summer), Camieux (Fire) and Camieux (Earth).
Another strategy is to have the Sword Master class with Disparia equipped as your main weapon, this requires you to have drawn Jeanne d'Arc (Dark) from the gacha. It's one of the better methods because you can do 2 runs every minute like this and you'll have 5 open character slots for EXP farming.
A strategy for newer players is to bring the Hermit skill Venom, otherwise aim to Chain Burst as much as possible.

The Wailing Wind

Tiamat has a high chance to trigger into the devastating Tornado Disaster every 25%. If you are not running a Fire team, be aware of these HP breakpoints and take necessary precautions. Sometimes she never uses it, sometimes she uses it all 3 times, so it's hard to predict when you will need countermeasures.

Hard Stage 3

White-Hot Temper

Very high HP and buffs himself with Attack Up. At low HP, starts dealing huge damage with his regular attacks.

A Puppet's Dream

Has a trigger per player that buffs Repel, so either bring a lot of Dispels or go slowly and attack into it rather than using skills.

Hard Stage 4

Burning Up

Its Charge Attack deals 1 million damage, so kill it before it goes off.

Hard Stage 5

A Pointy End

Has a chance to cast Repel, so beware.

Unwavering Loyalty

Same as A Puppet's Dream, it has a per-player trigger that puts up Repel.

In My Sights

Can inflict Paralyze on the entire party.

Venomous Her

50% HP trigger to use a high Water damage AOE attack that inflicts Corruption. Bring Clarity or an Earth team.

Hard Stage 6

Unsmothered Flame

Turn 1 it inflicts a 30,000 damage Poison on itself. If you use your own poison, it will overwrite it. Charge Attacks either deal Fire damage to the entire party, or big Fire damage to a single character and inflicts Burn. On the turn it dies to the poison, it will "explode" for a ton of damage on your entire party. If you are knocked out, it will not take the poison damage, so bring Sidewinder or a dodge character. Or bring fixed damage.

Behind the Curtain

Bring lots of Dispels and coordinate who will use whenever he casts Hide.

Hard Stage 7

Insatiable Hunger

Will Paralyze the entire party when any buffs or debuffs are used, and at 75% HP.

Wind's Melody

Can Charm the entire party, so bring Clarity. Will also cast Repel, so bring Dispel or proceed slowly.

Smash to Pieces

Granblue Fantasy's very own Metapod, he will cast Harden at 50% and periodically afterwards, drastically reducing the amount of damage he takes. Either soldier through with damage in the 3-4 digits or bring Dispel.

Hard Stage 8

Intense Stare

Counters Attack Down, Defense Down, Charm, and Blind with an all-party Paralyze. Counters multiattack buffs with Charm.

Broken Pride

Very resistant to debuffs and deals heavy damage at low HP.

Heart of Stone

50% trigger to inflict Charge Attack Seal, then 25% HP trigger to use an extremely high damage Axis Mundi.

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The Extra Coop stages, also known as Pandemonium after the area/stage name, contain the hardest enemies in Coop. Each stage in Extra has a chance to drop replicas needed to craft Class Champion Weapons. They also have a much higher chance to drop Warrior Creed and Mage Creed than Hard stages. There are currently 4 stages in Extra with a total of 18 Extra quests.

Pandemonium lvl 1

Corridor of Puzzles

Fairly resistant to debuffs and gains a moderate Refresh at 50%. Fairly high attack power and multiattack rate. Commonly farmed for its relative easiness and potential Nirvana Replica and Oliver Replica drops.

Sword-Slashed Stone

When debuffed, with counterattack with the same debuff. If you buff yourself with Fire Resistance, it will use a special counterattack as well. High multiattack rate.

Lost in the Dark

Very high defense and low attack above 50% HP, very high attack and low defense below 50%. Commonly farmed for its relative easiness.

Claw-Carved Path

Its Charge Attack inflicts Stone on all allies, one person with Veil and Clarity will be nice to have if you cannot kill it before having to deal with that. Counterattacks Gravity effects with Stone. High multiattack rate.

Tyrant's Bed

Deals more damage and has fewer Charge Diamonds below 30%. Charge Attack reduces all allies' Charge Gauges to 0. Counterattacks Debuff Resistance with an AOE Paralysis and Dispel.

Pandemonium lvl 2

Tunnels of Gloom

Immune to debuffs, Charge Attack hits everyone and has a chance to inflict instant death. Recommended to have a Holy Saber. Have all members stop when its Charge Diamonds are full, then have the Holy Saber cast Phalanx. Phalanx should have cooled down again by the time it is ready to use its Charge Attack again. It can gain a Defense Up buff, this expires after 40 seconds. Dispel is recommended for other buffs.

Time of Judgement

Pretty much the same mechanics as Vohu Manah Showdown.

Time of Revelation

Pretty much the same mechanics as Ifrit Showdown. He has very damaging regular attacks, so make sure someone can debuff Attack Down.

Time of Eminence

Pretty much the same mechanics as Corow Showdown. Similar to Tunnels of Gloom, bring a Holy Saber to cast Phalanx before she hits 50% HP, which is when she casts Alfven. She will gain a Refresh as well.

Pandemonium lvl 3

Guardian's Plinth

There are 3 robot sentries with random elements. The top sentry will heal all of them with its Charge Attack, so focus down that one first.

Rule of the Tundra

Pretty much the same mechanics as Cocytus Showdown.

Rule of the Plains

Pretty much the same mechanics as Sagittarius Showdown. Uses Astra Horizon at 75%, 50%, and 25%; if you deal damage too fast, he will use them back-to-back, and it deals more damage as his HP gets lower.

Rule of the Twilight

Pretty much the same mechanics as Diablo Showdown. Kill the orb first, bring someone with Clarity to remove debuffs.

Pandemonium lvl 4

Breaking the Mold

Gains full Charge Diamonds whenever any skill is used; only happens once a turn. His Charge Attacks can reduce your Charge Gauges, heal himself, or inflict Paralysis.

Amidst the Waves

Pretty much the same mechanics as Neptune during Rise of the Beasts. Kill the serpent first.

Amidst the Petals

Pretty much the same mechanics as Zephyrus during Rise of the Beasts.

Amidst Severe Cliffs

Pretty much the same mechanics as Titan during Rise of the Beasts.

Amidst the Flames

Pretty much the same mechanics as Agni during Rise of the Beasts.

Daily Missions Edit

Each day at 05:00 JST, all players receive a new set of 3 coop missions to complete. Completing each mission earns 1 Mission Point (MP), and completing all the missions for the day earns 1 Blue Sky Crystal Blue Sky Crystal. The types of missions include:

  • Complete any 5 coop quests (this is always one of the 3 missions).
  • Complete a specific quest.
    • While progressing through the coop quests, these missions will always be in a stage you have already unlocked, but it will not necessarily be a quest you have already unlocked.
    • Even after unlocking Extra stages, these missions will always be Hard difficulty.
    • Sometimes, the mission will say "Clear stage X 2 times," but you will complete the mission and earn the MP after only clearing once.
  • Obtain a certain number of specific items.
    • 5 of a bronze chest item, 3 of a silver chest item, or 1 of a gold chest item. Click on the item icon to see which stages drop the item.
  • Use a specific number of coop room buff items. These can be purchased in the Shop or within a Coop Room from the Items tab.

Mission Point Shop Edit

MP is used to purchase items in the Missions Rewards store. All items cost 1 MP to buy. Items have a limited inventory and will stay sold out until the entire store is bought out, after which all items will have their original quantities restored.

Mission Rewards
Premium Draw Ticket 1
CP x10 5
1,000 rupies 3
Full Elixir 3
Soul Balm 3
Tiamat Omega Anima 3
Colossus Omega Anima 3
Leviathan Omega Anima 3
Yggdrasil Omega Anima 3
Whorl 2 of each element
Dragon Scale 2 of each element
Fury Stone 1
Archangel items 1 of each
Total points 63

If you complete all daily missions every day, it will take 21 days to reset the shop.

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