Seperation (解離, Kairi) is the tenth episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.


Gran races through a city in Auguste, searching for Lyria, who was abducted by the Erste Empire. Meanwhile, the Imperial army has taken over the airship landing site and Pommern is about to leave Auguste with Lyria in tow.

Lyria feels responsible for the Imperial army’s brutality, which has injured many townspeople. Pommern makes her feel even worse by calling her a “tool of destruction.” Gran boards the empire’s warship, mows down the Imperial soldiers in his way, and rushes over to Lyria.

A gigantic column of water suddenly rises from the chaotic Auguste Sea with a deafening roar. Leviathan, the protective deity of the island, a water primal beast, appears. The huge dragon begins to destroy the warships and the town itself.


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