The Veil Is Lifted (想いは陽炎の如く, Omoi wa Kagerou no Gotoku) is the sixth episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.


After saving Port Breeze from the threat of Tiamat, Gran and the crew set off for a new island. They arrive in the Valtz Duchy, an island known for its bountiful steel industry and ever-flowing river of magma. There they are surprised to find the Knickknack Shack's Sierokarte waiting for them with a special request. Sierokarte takes the party to meet a secretive client with connections to the state. The man, having heard tales of the skyfarers saving Port Breeze, is confident only they can help him with his mission: find the missing Archduke Tzaka. The crew accepts the job but realizes soon after that someone seems to have been trailing them for a while.


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