The Iron Giant ( 鉄の巨人, Tetsu no Kyojin) is the seventh episode of Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.


Gran and the party find themselves surrounded by mechanical monsters powered by Archduke Tzaka's magic. Io lets out a cry, causing the monsters to hesitate, thus buying enough time for the crew to escape.

However, their exit route becomes sealed, trapping them in the complex. Left with no other option, they venture further in, guided by Lyria.

The group eventually stumbles upon a secret factory where the Archduke and the iron giant Colossus are waiting. It seems Tzaka has lost his senses, forgetting even the face of his prized disciple, Io.

Staring at Lyria with bloodshot eyes, he demands her power so he can awaken Colossus's nature as a primal beast. Meanwhile, the top advisor of the Erste Empire, the Black Knight—and her companion, a mysterious girl—watch the scene from afar.


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