2016 Edit

Boots and BladesMay 2-11
Sakura Wars: Skyblazing MaidensMay 13-23
Taito x Granblue FantasyMay 17-July 31
Miscolored MemoriesMay 31-June 8
A Tale of Intersecting FatesJune 6-16
A Tale of Friendship in the SkyJune 13-23
Rise of the BeastsJune 23-30
Robomi / Robomi: GenerationsJune 30-July 8
Dark Giant of the Blue SeaJuly 8-15
Dark Giant of the Blue SeaJuly 15-22
Unite and FightJuly 23-30
A Slice of SummerJuly 31-August 8
Rise of the BeastsAugust 8-15
Granblue Fantasy TCG EventAugust 12-October 12
Banner showdowns.png
Cerberus Showdown & Fenrir Showdown
August 16-22
Unite and FightAugust 23-30
Banner arcarum jpAugust 25 (beta)
Detective Barawa and the Unfortunate FortuneAugust 31-September 8
Banner orderofthelordSeptember 1-21
Fall of the Dragon bannerSeptember 7-15
Banner arcarumSeptember 16-19
Banner unite and fightSeptember 22-29
Treasureraid047 banner event start1
Treasureraid047 banner event start2
September 30-October 8
Banner riseofthebeasts start1October 7-13
Banner im@s6
Banner im@s5
October 14-24
Banner phantasm banquetOctober 24-31
Banner peacepieNovember 1-9
Banner riseofthebeasts start1November 9-14
Banner yesterday jp
Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope
November 14-21
Banner defendersoath jp
Defender's Oath
November 21-28
Banner fourknights jp
Four Knights of a Fallen Land
November 25-December 2
New story eventNovember 30-December 8