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Class Data
Description Surprise foes with spells and poisons honed in isolation.
Style Label Type Attack Specialty Label Weapon Staff Label Weapon Dagger
Prerequisites 300 CP, Lvl 20 Sorcerer and Arcana Dueler
Level Bonuses Skill DMG +4%, total +20%
Master Bonuses Skill DMG +7%
Support Skills
Sprite's Aura Increases the damage of abilities
Magic Torrent Increases the effectiveness of Focus / Decreases the ability's cooldown
Recommended Extended Mastery Bonuses
Attack, Ability Damage
Recommended Subskills

Skills Edit

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur LVL Notes
Ability Elemental Aether Blast II Deals 3x to 4x damage to all enemies (The damage cap is around 420,000 / Deals more damage when there are fewer enemies) 5T - 1
Ability Poison Venom Deals damage to an enemy with a chance of inflicting Poison status 5T 180s 5 Subskill
Ability Focus Laser Focus Increases the damage of the next ability (Stackable, the increase is 80% for Hermits and 50% for other jobs) / Decreases defense for 1 turn 3T 1T 15 Subskill

Extended Mastery Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect C/D Dur Notes
Ability Killstreak Bounce Deals great damage to an enemy based on the number of buffs/debuffs the enemy has (The damage cap is around 580,000) 7T -
Ability Choke Choke Makes the party's normal attacks target all enemies 7T 3T
Ph400 - - -

Assessment Edit

Spellcasters who annihilate enemies with their powerful abilities. Ether Blast II is great against mobs and bosses alike. Venom doesn't deal much damage but the Poison effect can be useful against enemies who are resistant to normal attacks and most abilities. Focus is an essential ability that gives Hermits a massive boost in their damage output. Focus can be stacked up to 10 times, but the damage caps would likely be reached after 4 to 6 times. Bounce is a variation of Sidewinder's Killstreak and is not a bad ability to pick for the EX slot. Chalk is not as good as it sounds, mostly because a large portion of the game is fighting single bosses. Hermits can be rather slow at building up the Ougi Gauge, so set up the party accordingly. Overall, Hermit is a very solid job that takes some time to get ready but rewards its users with some very impressive damage.

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