Work in progress. This list is not exhaustive. Information on items is not necessarily complete, they may have additional uses or be found in other places.

Recovery Items Edit

Recovery1Full ElixirGain 100 AP. Can temporarily have more than maximum AP. During battle game over, use to revive party with full HP and full Charge Gauge.
Half ElixirHalf ElixirGain 50 AP. Can temporarily have more than maximum AP.
Soul BalmSoul BalmGain 5 EP. Can temporarily have more than maximum EP.
Soul BerrySoul BerryGain 1 EP. Can temporarily have more than maximum EP.

Power-Up Items Edit

Red Steel BrickRed Steel BrickUncap a Rarity R weapon.
Steel BrickSteel BrickUncap Rarity SR or Rarity R weapon.
Gold BrickGold BrickUncap a a Rarity SSR, Rarity SR, or Rarity R weapon.
BrightstoneBrightstoneUncap a Rarity R summon.
Moonlight StoneMoonlight StoneUncap a Rarity SR or Rarity R summon.
Sunlight StoneSunlight StoneUncap a Rarity SSR, Rarity SR, or Rarity R summon.
20022Uncap a Rarity R character.
20023Uncap a Rarity SR character.
20024Uncap a Rarity SSR character.
Weapon CardWeapon CardGives 2670 EXP to a weapon.
Summon CardSummon CardGives 2670 EXP to a summon.
Octo InvaderOcto InvaderGives 711 EXP to a character.
Crab InvaderCrab InvaderGives 1978 EXP to a character.
Squid InvaderSquid InvaderGives 7110 EXP to a character.
Character CardCharacter CardGives 2670 EXP to a character.

Regular Treasure Edit

Satin FeatherSatin FeatherDrops in Port Breeze Archipelago and Zinkenstill.
Zephyr FeatherZephyr FeatherDrops in Port Breeze Archipelago and Zinkenstill.
Flying SproutFlying SproutDrops in Port Breeze Archipelago and Zinkenstill.
Fine Sand BottleFine Sand BottleDrops in Valtz Duchy.
Untamed FlameUntamed FlameDrops in Valtz Duchy.
Blistering OreBlistering OreDrops in Valtz Duchy.
Fresh Water JugFresh Water JugDrops in Auguste Isles.
Soothing SplashSoothing SplashDrops in Auguste Isles.
Glowing CoralGlowing CoralDrops in Auguste Isles.
Rough StoneRough StoneDrops in Lumacie Archipelago.
Coarse AlluviumCoarse AlluviumDrops in Lumacie Archipelago.
Swirling AmberSwirling AmberDrops in Lumacie Archipelago.
Falcon FeatherFalcon FeatherDrops in Albion Citadel.
Spring Water JugSpring Water JugDrops in Albion Citadel.
Vermilion StoneVermilion StoneDrops in Albion Citadel.
Slimy ShroomSlimy ShroomDrops in Mist-Shrouded Isle.
Hollow SoulHollow SoulDrops in Mist-Shrouded Isle.
LacrimosaLacrimosaDrops in Mist-Shrouded Isle.
Wheat StalkWheat StalkDrops in Golonzo Isle.
Iron ClusterIron ClusterDrops in Golonzo Isle.
Olea PlantOlea PlantDrops in Golonzo Isle.
Indigo FruitIndigo FruitDrops in Amalthea Island.
Foreboding CloverForeboding CloverDrops in Amalthea Island.
Blood AmberBlood AmberDrops in Amalthea Island.
Sand BrickSand BrickDrops in Former Capital Mephorash.
Native ReedNative ReedDrops in Former Capital Mephorash.
Antique ClothAntique ClothDrops in Former Capital Mephorash.
Tiamat AnimaTiamat AnimaDrops from Tiamat.
Tiamat Omega AnimaTiamat Omega AnimaDrops from Tiamat.
Green Dragon EyeGreen Dragon EyeDrops from Tiamat Omega.
Colossus AnimaColossus AnimaDrops from Colossus.
Colossus Omega AnimaColossus Omega AnimaDrops from Colossus.
Resolute ReactorResolute ReactorDrops from Colossus Omega.
Leviathan AnimaLeviathan AnimaDrops from Leviathan.
Leviathan Omega AnimaLeviathan Omega AnimaDrops from Leviathan.
Fanned FinFanned FinDrops from Leviathan Omega.
Yggdrasil AnimaYggdrasil AnimaDrops from Yggdrasil.
Yggdrasil Omega AnimaYggdrasil Omega AnimaDrops from Yggdrasil.
Genesis BudGenesis BudDrops from Yggdrasil Omega.
Luminiera AnimaLuminiera AnimaDrops from Luminiera.
Luminiera Omega AnimaLuminiera Omega AnimaDrops from Luminiera.
Primal BitPrimal BitDrops from Luminiera Omega.
Celeste AnimaCeleste AnimaDrops from Celeste.
Celeste Omega AnimaCeleste Omega AnimaDrops from Celeste.
Black Fog SphereBlack Fog SphereDrops from Celeste Omega.
True Fire AnimaTrue Fire AnimaDrops from Colossus Omega, Proto Bahamut.
True Water AnimaTrue Water AnimaDrops from Leviathan Omega, Proto Bahamut.
True Earth AnimaTrue Earth AnimaDrops from Yggdrasil Omega, Proto Bahamut.
True Wind AnimaTrue Wind AnimaDrops from Tiamat Omega, Proto Bahamut.
True Light AnimaTrue Light AnimaDrops from Luminiera Omega, Proto Bahamut.
True Dark AnimaTrue Dark AnimaDrops from Celeste Omega, Proto Bahamut.
Omega FragmentOmega FragmentDrops from Extreme raid bosses.
Dawn AnimaDawn AnimaUsed to craft Star Sand Scoop.
Dusk AnimaDusk AnimaUsed to craft Star Sand Scoop.
Star Sand ScoopStar Sand ScoopSummons Proto Bahamut.
Horn of BahamutHorn of BahamutDrops from Proto Bahamut.
Silver CentrumSilver CentrumDrops from share chests, Rose Queen.
Fire UrnFire UrnDrops from Twin Elements (HL).
Water UrnWater UrnDrops from Macula Marius (HL).
Earth UrnEarth UrnDrops from Medusa (HL).
Wind UrnWind UrnDrops from Nezha (HL).
Light UrnLight UrnDrops from Apollo (HL).
Dark UrnDark UrnDrops from Dark Angel Olivia (HL).
Macula Marius AnimaMacula Marius AnimaDrops from Macula Marius.
Macula Marius Omega AnimaMacula Marius Omega AnimaDrops from Macula Marius.
Medusa AnimaMedusa AnimaDrops from Medusa.
Medusa Omega AnimaMedusa Omega AnimaDrops from Medusa.
Dark Angel Olivia AnimaDark Angel Olivia AnimaDrops from Dark Angel Olivia.
Dark Angel Olivia Omega AnimaDark Angel Olivia Omega AnimaDrops from Dark Angel Olivia.
Twin Elements AnimaTwin Elements AnimaDrops from Twin Elements.
Twin Elements Omega AnimaTwin Elements Omega AnimaDrops from Twin Elements.
Nezha AnimaNezha AnimaDrops from Nezha.
Nezha Omega AnimaNezha Omega AnimaDrops from Nezha.
Apollo AnimaApollo AnimaDrops from Apollo.
Apollo Omega AnimaApollo Omega AnimaDrops from Apollo.
Odin AnimaOdin AnimaDrops from Odin.
Lich AnimaLich AnimaDrops from Lich.
Athena AnimaAthena AnimaDrops from Athena.
Grani AnimaGrani AnimaDrops from Grani.
Baal AnimaBaal AnimaDrops from Baal.
Garuda AnimaGaruda AnimaDrops from Garuda.
Azure FeatherAzure FeatherDrops from Grand Order.
Heavenly HornHeavenly HornDrops from Grand Order.
Gold NuggetGold NuggetEvent reward. Used to buy Gold Brick.
Fire OrbFire OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Water OrbWater OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Earth OrbEarth OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Wind OrbWind OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Light OrbLight OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Dark OrbDark OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Inferno OrbInferno OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Frost OrbFrost OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Rumbling OrbRumbling OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Cyclone OrbCyclone OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Shining OrbShining OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Abysm OrbAbysm OrbDrops from Scarlet Trial (Tuesdays).
Red TomeRed TomeDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Blue TomeBlue TomeDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Brown TomeBrown TomeDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Green TomeGreen TomeDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
White TomeWhite TomeDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Black TomeBlack TomeDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Hellfire ScrollHellfire ScrollDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Flood ScrollFlood ScrollDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Thunder ScrollThunder ScrollDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Gale ScrollGale ScrollDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Skylight ScrollSkylight ScrollDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Chasm ScrollChasm ScrollDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Infernal WhorlInfernal WhorlDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Tidal WhorlTidal WhorlDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Seismic WhorlSeismic WhorlDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Tempest WhorlTempest WhorlDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Radiant WhorlRadiant WhorlDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Umbral WhorlUmbral WhorlDrops from Cerulean Trial (Wednesdays).
Prism ChipPrism ChipDrops from Violet Trial (Thursdays).
Flawed PrismFlawed PrismDrops from Violet Trial (Thursdays).
Flawless PrismFlawless PrismDrops from Violet Trial (Thursdays).
Rainbow PrismRainbow PrismDrops from Violet Trial (Thursdays).
Red Dragon ScaleRed Dragon ScaleDrops from Six-Dragon Trial (Fridays).
Blue Dragon ScaleBlue Dragon ScaleDrops from Six-Dragon Trial (Fridays).
Brown Dragon ScaleBrown Dragon ScaleDrops from Six-Dragon Trial (Fridays).
Green Dragon ScaleGreen Dragon ScaleDrops from Six-Dragon Trial (Fridays).
White Dragon ScaleWhite Dragon ScaleDrops from Six-Dragon Trial (Fridays).
Black Dragon ScaleBlack Dragon ScaleDrops from Six-Dragon Trial (Fridays).
Champion MeritChampion MeritEvent reward. Drops from Proto Bahamut, Grand Order.
Supreme MeritSupreme MeritEvent reward. Drops from Proto Bahamut, Grand Order.
Zhuque SealZhuque SealRise of the Beasts
Xuanwu SealXuanwu SealRise of the Beasts
Baihu SealBaihu SealRise of the Beasts
Qinglong SealQinglong SealRise of the Beasts
Blue Sky CrystalBlue Sky CrystalCoop Daily Missions
Sword StoneSword StoneReduce sabres.
Dagger StoneDagger StoneReduce daggers.
Spear StoneSpear StoneReduce spears.
Axe StoneAxe StoneReduce axes.
Staff StoneStaff StoneReduce staves.
Pistol StonePistol StoneReduce guns.
Melee StoneMelee StoneReduce melee weapons.
Bow StoneBow StoneReduce bows.
Harp StoneHarp StoneReduce harps.
Katana StoneKatana StoneReduce katanas.
Fire QuartzFire QuartzReduce fire summons.
Water QuartzWater QuartzReduce water summons.
Earth QuartzEarth QuartzReduce earth summons.
Wind QuartzWind QuartzReduce wind summons.
Light QuartzLight QuartzReduce light summons.
Dark QuartzDark QuartzReduce dark summons.
Beast Bait SliceBeast Bait SliceUnite and Fight
Jumbo MeatballJumbo MeatballDark Giant of the Blue Sea
Yudhisthira PrawnYudhisthira PrawnDark Giant of the Blue Sea
Frozen FlameFrozen FlameSo Close and Yet So Far / By Any Other Name
Escalus CrestEscalus CrestSo Close and Yet So Far / By Any Other Name
Beast SpecimenBeast SpecimenRobomi / Robomi: Generations
Destroyer CoreDestroyer CoreRobomi / Robomi: Generations
Bait CrabBait CrabBalmy Breeze and Foamy Deep
CrawdadCrawdadBalmy Breeze and Foamy Deep
Meandering ShadowMeandering ShadowFall of the Dragon
Mirror MineralMirror MineralFall of the Dragon
Bait ChunkBait ChunkUnite and Fight
Hell's Road CrownHell's Road CrownCinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~
Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~
Hell's Road DressHell's Road DressCinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~
Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~
Silver Piña ColataSilver Piña ColataCinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~
Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~
Gold Piña ColataGold Piña ColataCinderella Fantasy ~Girls on a Quest~
Cinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~
Obsidian StatueObsidian StatueCinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~
Purple JewelPurple JewelCinderella Fantasy ~Girls Keep on Dreaming~
Dark Cloud FragmentDark Cloud FragmentA Tale of Skyborn Bonds
Mirage EmblemMirage EmblemA Tale of Skyborn Bonds
Fractera AnimaFractera AnimaA Tale of Skyborn Bonds
Fractera Omega AnimaFractera Omega AnimaA Tale of Skyborn Bonds
Control ChipControl ChipRobomi / Robomi: Generations
Anti-Repulsion EmitterAnti-Repulsion EmitterRobomi / Robomi: Generations
Sea JewelSea JewelA Slice of Summer
Mind's Eye BlindfoldMind's Eye BlindfoldA Slice of Summer
Magic HaloMagic HaloCerberus Showdown
Crescent CuffCrescent CuffFenrir Showdown
Wooden PuzzleWooden PuzzleDetective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune
Treant RemnantTreant RemnantDetective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune
Verona Wall PieceVerona Wall PieceSo Close and Yet So Far / By Any Other Name
Verona FlowerVerona FlowerSo Close and Yet So Far / By Any Other Name
Mourning StoneMourning StoneCocytus Showdown
Crystal SpiritCrystal SpiritCocytus Showdown
Cocytus AnimaCocytus AnimaCocytus Showdown
Cocytus Omega AnimaCocytus Omega AnimaCocytus Showdown
Scrutiny StoneScrutiny StoneVohu Manah Showdown
Luminous JudgmentLuminous JudgmentVohu Manah Showdown
Vohu Manah AnimaVohu Manah AnimaVohu Manah Showdown
Vohu Manah Omega AnimaVohu Manah Omega AnimaVohu Manah Showdown
Jasper ScaleJasper ScaleIfrit Showdown
Scorching PeakScorching PeakIfrit Showdown
Ifrit AnimaIfrit AnimaIfrit Showdown
Ifrit Omega AnimaIfrit Omega AnimaIfrit Showdown
Sagittarius ArrowheadSagittarius ArrowheadSagittarius Showdown
Sagittarius RuneSagittarius RuneSagittarius Showdown
Sagittarius AnimaSagittarius AnimaSagittarius Showdown
Sagittarius Omega AnimaSagittarius Omega AnimaSagittarius Showdown
Charon CookieCharon CookieCerberus Showdown
Cerberus RibbonCerberus RibbonCerberus Showdown
Cerberus AnimaCerberus AnimaCerberus Showdown
Cerberus Omega AnimaCerberus Omega AnimaCerberus Showdown
Solar RingSolar RingCorow Showdown
Sunlight QuartzSunlight QuartzCorow Showdown
Corow AnimaCorow AnimaCorow Showdown
Corow Omega AnimaCorow Omega AnimaCorow Showdown
White FlakeWhite FlakeFenrir Showdown
Winter Night BellWinter Night BellFenrir Showdown
Fenrir AnimaFenrir AnimaFenrir Showdown
Fenrir Omega AnimaFenrir Omega AnimaFenrir Showdown
Twilight Cloth StripTwilight Cloth StripDiablo Showdown
Shadow SliverShadow SliverDiablo Showdown
Diablo AnimaDiablo AnimaDiablo Showdown
Diablo Omega AnimaDiablo Omega AnimaDiablo Showdown

Coop Treasure Edit

Bronze-Plated DiskBronze-Plated DiskCoop Quests
Silver-Plated DiskSilver-Plated DiskCoop Quests
Gold-Plated DiskGold-Plated DiskCoop Quests
Gleaming Sand BottleGleaming Sand BottleCoop Quests - Stages 3/4 (Normal/Hard)
Mystical FlameMystical FlameCoop Quests - Stages 3/4 (Normal/Hard)
Gleaming Water JugGleaming Water JugCoop Quests - Stages 5/6 (Normal/Hard)
Mystical SplashMystical SplashCoop Quests - Stages 5/6 (Normal/Hard)
Gleaming StoneGleaming StoneCoop Quests - Stages 7/8 (Normal/Hard)
Mystical AlluviumMystical AlluviumCoop Quests - Stages 7/8 (Normal/Hard)
Gleaming FeatherGleaming FeatherCoop Quests - Stages 1/2 (Normal/Hard)
Mystical FeatherMystical FeatherCoop Quests - Stages 1/2 (Normal/Hard)
Searing StoneSearing StoneCoop Quests - Stages 3/4 (Normal/Hard)
Resplendent CoralResplendent CoralCoop Quests - Stages 5/6 (Normal/Hard)
Opulent AmberOpulent AmberCoop Quests - Stages 7/8 (Normal/Hard)
Vortical PinwheelVortical PinwheelCoop Quests - Stages 1/2 (Normal/Hard)
Warrior CreedWarrior CreedCoop Quests - Extra stages (rare)
Mage CreedMage CreedCoop Quests - Extra stages (rare)
Gladiator DistinctionGladiator DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Guardian DistinctionGuardian DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Pilgrim DistinctionPilgrim DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Mage DistinctionMage DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Bandit DistinctionBandit DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Fencer DistinctionFencer DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Combatant DistinctionCombatant DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Sharpshooter DistinctionSharpshooter DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Troubadour DistinctionTroubadour DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Cavalryman DistinctionCavalryman DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Alchemist DistinctionAlchemist DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Samurai DistinctionSamurai DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Ninja DistinctionNinja DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Sword Master DistinctionSword Master DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Gunslinger DistinctionGunslinger DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Mystic DistinctionMystic DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Assassin DistinctionAssassin DistinctionPrestige Pendant shop
Infernal GarnetInfernal GarnetCoop Quests - Extra Quest Time of Revelation
Frozen Hell PrismFrozen Hell PrismCoop Quests - Extra Quest Rule of the Tundra
Evil Judge CrystalEvil Judge CrystalCoop Quests - Extra Quest Time of Judgement
Horseman's PlateHorseman's PlateCoop Quests - Extra Quest Rule of the Plains
Halo Light QuartzHalo Light QuartzCoop Quests - Extra Quest Time of Eminence
Phantom Demon JewelPhantom Demon JewelCoop Quests - Extra Quest Rule of the Twilight
Fire GrimoireFire GrimoireTier 2 raids, Coop Quests - Extra stages (rare)
Water GrimoireWater GrimoireTier 2 raids, Coop Quests - Extra stages (rare)
Earth GrimoireEarth GrimoireTier 2 raids, Coop Quests - Extra stages (rare)
Wind GrimoireWind GrimoireTier 2 raids, Coop Quests - Extra stages (rare)

Miscellaneous Treasure Edit

Sephira StoneSephira StoneDrop from Arcarum: The World Beyond.
Flameborne Astra Flameborne Astra Drop from The Devil.
Earthborne Astra Earthborne Astra Drop from The Hanged Man.
Lightborne Astra Lightborne Astra Drop from The Star.
Verum ProofsVerum ProofsBasic currency for Arcarum: The World Beyond.
Blurred Memoria Blurred Memoria Reward for winning a round of Arcarum: The World Beyond.
Betting CardBetting CardPlace a bet during Unite and Fight.
Valor MedalValor BadgePurchase Unite and Fight badge packs.
Bronze MoonBronze MoonDraw duplicate Rarity R characters.
Silver MoonSilver MoonDraw duplicate Rarity SR characters.
Gold MoonGold MoonDraw duplicate Rarity SSR characters.
Cerulean StonesCerulean StonesExpired Cerulean Sparks.

Ticket Edit

SRWepTicketSR Weapon TicketPerform 1 SR Weapon Ticket Draw. This draw is guaranteed to be a SR weapon.
SRSSRTicketSR/SSR TicketPerform 1 SR/SSR Draw. This draw is guaranteed to be a SR or SSR.
BCWTicketBeginner's Character Weapon TicketPerform 1 Beginner's Character Weapon Draw. This draw is guaranteed to be a character weapon.
ClubJDATicketJDA Club TicketPerform 1 JDA Draw.
10TicketPremium 10-Part TicketPerform 10 Premium Draws. At least 1 draw is guaranteed to be a Rarity SR or Rarity SSR.
TicketPremium Draw TicketPerform 1 Premium Draw.

Other / Unidentified Edit

CPCPClass points. Spend to unlock more Classes or convert to EMP.
RupieRupieLow currency used for Rupie Draws, Uncapping, and Reducing.
CrystalCrystalHigh currency used for Premium Draws and expanding weapon/summon capacity.
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