Label Rarity SSR Icon16Light Luminiera Bolt Omega Icon Blue Star
Luminiera Bolt Omega
Label Weapon Gun Level 1Level 100Level 150
HP 26 162 189
ATK 395 2440 2850

Luminiera Omega Showdown
Apollo Showdown
Odin Showdown
2500 Renown Pendants

Character Unlock


Weapon Skills
Ws skill atk m 5 3 Horus's Might II Big boost to light allies' ATK
Ws skill hp 3 3 Terra's Aegis Big boost to earth allies' max HP
Charge Attack
Holy Blade Massive light DMG to a foe / Slight chance to remove a buff effect

Final Uncap Materials

  15 Niveus Centrum Niveus Centrum
    3 Light Urn Light Urn
100 Light Orb Light Orb
255 Radiant Whorl Radiant Whorl

  20 White Dragon Scale White Dragon Scale
100 Vermilion Stone Vermilion Stone
200 Pistol Stone Pistol Stone
200 Light Quartz Light Quartz

Rupie cost: 10,000


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