Lyria is the heroine of Granblue Fantasy.


A mysterious girl with the ability to comply with asteroid beasts. It was prisoner of the empire for research, but escaped by cooperation of Katalina who was a watchdog. Because I lost the life of Gran (Djeeta) who was seriously injured in Zanktinsel by linking it with my own life, I become a lotus relationship with Gran (Djeeta). It has the ability to absorb the power of the astral animal and summon the star crystal animal, but its roots are completely unknown. It is also possible to read the signs and minds of the star-shaped animal. In the past, it was a lethargic girl with little facial expressions like Orkis, but Katalina knew the outside world and gradually regained its rich emotions.

For that reason, I will give deep sympathy to the situation of Orkis. First installed as a playable character in the 3rd anniversary event "Why is the sky blue?" Attributes change according to Gran (Djeeta), and instead of doing regular attacks, Mushiki power is set high. Instead, if she is joining the party, the star star summoned will be treated as a single skill so she will be out of the battlefield and even if Gran (Djeeta) is in a healthy state the starry animal will not be able to be summoned.