Medusa is a tier 2 raid who can be summoned from Lumacie Archipelago at the eastern area, Nameless Ruins, Blackmoon Forest. If you own the Medusa summon, hosting and defeating Medusa will unlock the summon's blue star.

Stats Host Join Renown Pendants

Icon16Earth.png 84,500,000 HP
Diamonds: 3
Additional enemy:
Icon16Earth.png 38,500,000 HP
Diamonds: 5

Rank 40
40 AP
Seismic Whorl.jpg Seismic Whorl x50
Brown Dragon Scale.jpg Brown Dragon Scale x6
Rank 40
5 EP
50 (host), 25 (join)
Rarity R.png bonus: 8
Rarity SR.png bonus: 4
Silver Gold Flip Red
Rumbling Orb.jpg Rumbling Orb
Flawed Prism.jpg Flawed Prism
Flawless Prism.jpg Flawless Prism
Earth Grimoire.jpg Earth Grimoire
Omega Fragment.jpg Omega Fragment
Rainbow Prism.jpg Rainbow Prism
Champion Merit.jpg Champion Merit
Medusa Anima.jpg Medusa Anima
Medusa Omega Anima.jpg Medusa Omega Anima
Yggdrasil Crystal Blade Omega square.jpg Yggdrasil Crystal Blade Omega
Yggdrasil Dagger Omega square.jpg Yggdrasil Dagger Omega
Yggdrasil Dewbranch Omega square.jpg Yggdrasil Dewbranch Omega
Yggdrasil Bow Omega square.jpg Yggdrasil Bow Omega
Perseus square.jpg Perseus
Ancient Perseus square.jpg Ancient Perseus

Impossible[edit | edit source]

After hosting and defeating Yggdrasil Omega (Impossible), you will be able to summon the 6-man raid Medusa (Impossible) from the same location as the Extreme version, Lumacie Archipelago, Nameless Ruins, Blackmoon Forest. Medusa (Impossible) always drops a Earth Urn.jpg Earth Urn, which are required to 4* uncap Yggdrasil Omega weapons.

Stats Host Join

Icon16Earth.png 150,000,000 HP
Diamonds: 2
Additional enemy:
Icon16Earth.png 70,000,000 HP Diamonds: 3
Prestige Pendants:
40 (host), 20 (join)

Rank 101
80 AP
True Earth Anima.jpg True Earth Anima x1
Rank 101
5 EP
Gold Flip Red
Earth Urn.jpg Earth Urn
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