Tap a character's "In Effect" icons to view more buff and debuff information. Tap an enemy's HP bar to view its buff and debuff information.

A list of all status effect icons and explanations. Some icons are used to represent multiple different statuses. In general, if two effects have different icons and effect names, they can be used simultaneously for greater effect.

Buffs and debuffs that are the exact same effect will typically replace or overwrite each other. When using Fighter's Rage I and Warrior's Rage II at the same time, Rage II will overwrite an existing Rage I, but Rage I will have no effect on an existing Rage II. Using Rage II again will simply overwrite the old Rage II effect. However, some skills are what is colloquially known a "dual skill," which cause effects that stack with other non-dual (single) effects. The best example of this is Dark Fencer's Miserable Mist, which stacks with Sidewinder's Rain of Arrows III, causing enemies to reach the maximum Attack Lowered value of -50%.

Buffs and debuffs with "(stackable)" in the name will increase in effect every time they are applied as the name implies, up to a certain limit, while also returning to the original duration, if applicable. Bounty works the same way, although it also becomes harder to add more stacks the higher it already is.

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Buffs are status effects that are generally considered beneficial to the afflicted.

Icon Name Effect
Status AttackUp.png Attack Boosted
Skill Damage Boosted
Increases Attack.
Increases skill damage.
Status AttackUpStack.png Attack Boosted (stackable) Increases Attack.
Status SkillUp.png Skill Damage Boosted (stackable) Increases skill damage.
Status DefenseUp.png Defense Boosted
Other Self
Damage Cut
Increases Defense.
Avoids all attacks and debuffs.
Cuts damage.
Status DefenseUpStack.png Defense Boosted (stackable) Increases Defense.
Status DoubleUp.png Double Attack Boosted Increases Double Attack rate.
Status TripleUp.png Triple Attack Boosted Increases Triple Attack rate.
Status CriticalUp.png Critical Boosted Increases Critical Hit rate.
Status FireAtkUp.png Fire Attack Boosted
Bonus Fire Damage
Increases Fire Attack.
Deal bonus Fire damage on normal attacks.
Status WaterAtkUp.png Water Attack Boosted
Bonus Water Damage
Increases Water Attack.
Deal bonus Water damage on normal attacks.
Status EarthAtkUp.png Earth Attack Boosted
Bonus Earth Damage
Increases Earth Attack.
Deal bonus Earth damage on normal attacks.
Status WindAtkUp.png Wind Attack Boosted
Bonus Wind Damage
Increases Wind Attack.
Deal bonus Wind damage on normal attacks.
Status LightAtkUp.png Light Attack Boosted
Bonus Light Damage
Increases Light Attack.
Deal bonus Light damage on normal attacks.
Status DarkAtkUp.png Dark Attack Boosted
Bonus Dark Damage
Increases Dark Attack.
Deal bonus Dark damage on normal attacks.
Status FireResUp.png Fire Resist Boosted Increases Fire Resistance.
Status WaterResUp.png Water Resist Boosted Increases Water Resistance.
Status EarthResUp.png Earth Resist Boosted Increases Earth Resistance.
Status WindResUp.png Wind Resist Boosted Increases Wind Resistance.
Status LightResUp.png Light Resist Boosted Increases Light Resistance.
Status DarkResUp.png Dark Resist Boosted Increases Dark Resistance.
Status DamageCapUp.png Damage Cap Boosted Increases the maximum damage cap.
Status Overdrive Curbed.png Overdrive Curbed Damage causes the mode bar to fill up less, or deplete the Overdrive bar more.
Status AggroUpArrow.png Hostility Boosted Increases hostility (more likely to be targeted by enemy attacks).
Status AggroDownArrow.png Hostility Reduced Reduces hostility (less likely to be targeted by enemy attacks).
Status Repel.png Counter
Dodge and counter enemy single-target attacks.
Damage immunity. Debuffs are still effective.
The next attack deals some or all of its damage back to its source. Summon calls ignore this buff.
Status Substitute.png Substitute Single-target attacks are redirected to characters with this buff.
Status Veil.png Veil
Debuff Resistance Boosted
Immune to the next debuff.
Reduces the damage of the next attack.
Increases Debuff Resistance.
Status Defiance.png Defiance, Salted Wound Sharp increase to Attack for the next attack against a foe with a certain mode.
Status Uplift.png Uplift Gain charge bar each turn.
Status Mirror Image.png Mirror Imaged Single-target attacks will miss. On allies, this buff is dispelled when taking AOE damage.
Status Heal.png Heal Boosted
Increases healing amount, or increases healing cap.
Heals HP every turn.
Heals HP after a normal attack.
Status HealUp.png
Status Revitalize.png Revitalize Heals HP every turn. If HP is full, gain charge bar each turn instead.
Status AutoRevive.png Auto-Revive Automatically revive after being knocked out.
Status DeathsGrace.png Death's Grace Effects that deal damage each turn now heal instead.
Status Dodge.png Dodge Boosted Chance to dodge single-target attacks.
Status Divinity.png Divinity Granted by The Star.
Status Treasure9.png Bounty Increases drop rate. Max: 9.
Status Lock.png Extend Break Increases time or damage needed to recover from Break.
Status Hype4.png Hype Increases Attack based on number of stacks: 5%, 25%, 50%, 100%.
Status Dragon.png Finishing Touch Increases Double Attack and Triple Attack rate. See Samurai.
Status Energized15.png Energized Allows Sword Master to gain sword effects. Max: 15.
Status Powder Keg5.png Powder Keg Gives Cucouroux various effects. Max: 5.
Status Crushed.png Crushed Increases damage for Invincible Crusher. See Feena. Max: 3.
Status Fil10.png Fil Korwa's number of fil. Max: 10.
Status Astuce.png Astuce Increases Double Attack and Triple Attack rate. See Korwa.
Status Esprit.png Esprit Increases Attack and Debuff Success rate. See Korwa.
Status Col.png Col Increases Defense and heals each turn. See Korwa.
Status Yakisoba.png Yakisoba Increases Attack. See J.J. (Summer).
Status Hitmark.png Hitmark Marks a target. See Jamil.
Status Incision.png Incision Stats change for 6 turns. See Jeanne d'Arc (Dark).
Status Invulnerable.png Invulnerable Survive any damage with 1 HP. Take 100% HP in damage when Invulnerable expires. Invulnerable is removed if healed to 100% HP. See Jeanne d'Arc (Dark).
Status Spirit Shroud.png Spirit Shroud Increases Juliet's stats and allows her to use skills. Max: 5.
Status partner.png Partnered Up Allows negotiation of rupies. See Karteira.
Status Swordshine3.png Swordshine Gives Seofon various effects. Max: 3.
Status Cats.png Happy Cats See Dante (SR). Max: 3
Status FrozenBlade.png Frozen Blade See Dante (SR).
Status FrozenShield.png Frozen Shield See Dante (SR).
Status Morax.png Morax See Magisa.
Status JoltCounter.png Jolt Counter See Ayer.
Status Quickload.png Quickload See Eustace.
Status Loaded.png Loaded See Eustace. (Max: 5/10 for Halloween version)
Status Butterfly.png Butterfly Effect See Narmaya.
Status CursedMask.png Curse of the Mask See Rosamia (SSR).
Status Fan.png Closing Dance: Tokiyomi Kai See Societte (Fire).
Status VeightAwaken.png Veight's Awakening See Veight.
Status DmgUp.png Damage UP See Hallessena.
Status TripleShroud3.png Triple Shroud See Yodarha (SSR).
Status DoubleImpulse.png Double Impulse See Lancelot.
Status Encore.png Encore See Gayne.
Status DoubleLashwave.png Double Lashwave See Forte.
Status ConcertoLight.png Light Concerto See Novei.
Status ConcertoEarth.png Earth Concerto See Augusta.
Status ConcertoWind.png Wind Concerto See Robertina.
Status ConcertoWater.png Water Concerto
Status ConcertoFire.png Fire Concerto
Status Sanctified.png Sacrificed Gain increased Attack based on the number of debuffs. See Luminiera Omega.
link+ Deluge Crest Crests are buffs which are used by certain characters' skills or support skills and summons' sub auras. Their effect varies based on character/summon used.

Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Debuffs are status effects that are generally considered detrimental to the afflicted.

When attempting to inflict debuffs on enemies, there is a natural success rate based on the element of the character with the skill and the enemy. Strong element has the highest natural success rate (but not 100%), followed by neutral elements, then weak element, and last, same element. To reiterate, the same element as the enemy has the lowest debuff success rate of all elements. If inflicting debuffs with Dark Fencer is important to your overall strategy, the overwhelming recommendation is to use a strong-element main hand regardless of whether you get weapon/summon bonuses or not.

Icon Name Effect
Status AttackDown.png Attack Lowered Reduces Attack.
Status AttackDownStack.png Attack Lowered (stackable) Reduces Attack.
Status DefenseDown.png Defense Lowered Reduces Defense.
Status DefenseDownStack.png Defense Lowered (stackable) Reduces Defense.
Status DoubleDown.png Double Attack Lowered Reduces Double Attack rate.
Status TripleDown.png Triple Attack Lowered Reduces Triple Attack rate.
Status DebuffResDown.png Debuff Resistance Lowered Reduces Debuff Resistance.
Status FireAtkDown.png Fire Attack Lowered Reduces Fire Attack.
Status WaterAtkDown.png Water Attack Lowered Reduces Water Attack.
Status EarthAtkDown.png Earth Attack Lowered Reduces Earth Attack.
Status WindAtkDown.png Wind Attack Lowered Reduces Wind Attack.
Status LightAtkDown.png Light Attack Lowered Reduces Light Attack.
Status DarkAtkDown.png Dark Attack Lowered Reduces Dark Attack.
Status FireResDown.png Fire Resist Lowered Reduces Fire Resistance.
Status WaterResDown.png Water Resist Lowered Reduces Water Resistance.
Status EarthResDown.png Earth Resist Lowered Reduces Earth Resistance.
Status WindResDown.png Wind Resist Lowered Reduces Wind Resistance.
Status LightResDown.png Light Resist Lowered Reduces Light Resistance.
Status DarkResDown.png Dark Resist Lowered Reduces Dark Resistance.
Status HealDown.png Healing Lowered Reduces healing effects.
Status Poison.png Poison Take fixed damage each turn.
Status Putrefy.png Putrefy Take fixed damage each turn.
Status Burned.png Burned Take fixed damage each turn.
Status Paralysis.png Paralysis Cannot act.
Status Sleep.png Sleep Cannot act and next hit taken is critical. Removed when damaged.
Status Charm.png Charm May not act. Allies can still use skills.
Status Temptation.png Temptation May not act. Allies can still use skills.
Status Adoration.png Charm May not act. Allies can still use skills. Higher chance than Charm and Temptation.
Status Gravity.png Gravity
Increases maximum charge diamonds.
Removes an enemy's filled charge diamond.
Status Blind.png Blind Normal attacks may miss.
Status Confused.png Confused Normal attacks are replaced by a plain damage attack on any random ally or enemy.
Status Petrified.png Petrified Charge diamonds do not fill up. If an enemy already has all charge diamonds filled up, it can still use its charge attack.
Status Cursed.png Cursed Heals are reduced to 0.
Status Zombie.png Zombie Healing effects cause damage instead.
Status Death.png Death Instantly knocked out when expired.
Status SkillSeal.png Skill Seal Cannot use skills.
Status CASeal.png Charge Attack Seal Cannot use Charge Attacks.
Status Stoned.png Stoned Cannot act, receives multiplied damage.
Status Azure Spike.png Azure Spike Attacks and skills instead heal Water targets. Water damage received is reduced to 0.
Status Halberd of Earth.png Halberd of Earth Attacks and skills instead heal Earth targets. Earth damage received is reduced to 0.
Status Collapse.png Collapse Lose charge bar each turn.
Status Barawa.png No Turning Back Cannot be healed. See Barawa (Event).
Status Shorted.png Shorted Prevent all charge bar accumulation. See Ferry (SSR).
Status Impurity.png Impurity Lose HP and charge bar each turn. See Jeanne d'Arc (Dark).
Status Tuning.png Tuning Take a percentage of current HP in damage each turn. See Niyon.
Status Shadowed.png Shadowed Cannot attack. Allies can still use skills. See Celeste Omega (HL).
Status Wormhole.png Wormhole Gain a random debuff when expired. See Grand Order (raid).
Status Demagogue.png Demagogue
HP values are hidden. See Oxymoron.
HP values are hidden. See Qilin.
Status RagnarokField.png Ragnarok Field
Take damage each turn based on the number of players participating in the raid. See Proto Bahamut and Macula Marius.
Status Strong Armed.png Strong Armed Heals are reduced to 0. See Titan (Rise of the Beasts, Coop Quests/Extra).
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