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Class Data
Japanese name 剣聖 (kensei, lit. "sword saint")
Description Harness the energy of the sword to wield powers unique to each blade.
Style Label Type Special
Specialty Sword/Katana
Prerequisites 1000 CP, Warrior Creed Warrior Creed x5
Trophy: Climbing the Wall - host and clear coop quest Amidst Severe Cliffs.
Amidst severe cliffs
Level Bonuses Attack +300, HP +60, total Attack +1500, HP +300
Master Bonus Attack +2%
Support Skills
Kenshin Unleash the power hidden within your sword or katana (effects differ based on main weapon).
Overpower When sword spirit is released: gain Attack UP, Defense DOWN, Hostility UP.
Recommended Extended Mastery Bonuses
Attack, Double Attack
Recommended Subskills
No recommendations.

Skills Edit

Image Ability Name Effect Cooldown Duration Job LVL Notes
Ability SwordRelease Awakening Blade Call forth the main weapon's hidden power. 10T - Sword Master - -
Ability SwordResonance Resonating Blade Effects vary based on main weapon. - - Sword Master 5 -
Ability SwordHeal Energize Restore energy. Costs 30% charge bar. 3T - Sword Master 15 -

Assessment Edit

Under construction.

Sword Abilities Edit

Your main hand weapon dictates what Sword Master's various abilities do. See this Google Spreadsheet for details:

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