Team Building is a core system in Granblue Fantasy. Your party consists of the main character, 3 front line characters, 2 back line characters, 1 main hand weapon*, 9 support weapons, 1 main summon, and 4 support summons. Each character, weapon, and summon has its own statistics and abilities to consider. Combining all these factors into a competent party is a very satisfying experience when you are able to take that party and see it slowly progress and improve, allowing you to take on harder and harder content.

*Must match the main character class' weapon specialties and determines the main characters element and charge attack. Reduces the initial cooldown of all summons with a matching element.

※ This article is a general guideline on the main points of each team discussed. Specific numbers of weapons and optimal main character classes and main hand weapons may vary based on your party composition and available summons.

Team Staples Edit

Almost every team will have 1-2 Bahamut Weapons and possibly a Cosmos Weapon as well. If you are building your first team, a Bahamut weapon will be the single most influential weapon you can add to your party, so craft one for the race you have the most of; the main character's race is Unknown, so all Bahamut weapons will affect her/him. Because human characters are the most plentiful, most players will craft a Bahamut Dagger first, but it really just depends on what characters you have.

Omega Grids Edit

The most common and basic team is the Omega team, which makes use of all farmable weapons and summons. Most new players are suggested to first build this style of team since there are no specific Premium Draw requirements to it, you simply need to choose an element, usually the one with the best/most characters.

  • Summon Combination
  • Notable Omega Weapons
    • 25px Tiamat Bolt Omega (M1): Fundamental of Tiamat Omega grids. Later-game grids will typically use 3 Bolts and 3 Last Storm Harps.
    • 25px Tiamat Gauntlet Omega (M1): An option when the playstyle of your team or the context (e.g. one-turn EX+ in Unite and Fight) doesn't use Enmity.
    • 25px Sephira Emerald Sword and 25px Sephira Emerald Bow (Arcarum): Suitable Omega skill filler weapons. The Sword, like the Sephira Blade, is a useful main weapon for Slime teams; however, the Blade also gives elemental advantage against Slime Swarms for players with less ways of dealing with them.
    • 25px Ancient Nalakuvara (T1): A strong option when the context requires less than 8 turns. Only use 1 due to the exclusivity of the weapon's second skill.
    • 25px Last Storm Harp (M2): Core weapon for Omega II grids. Provides a very powerful Stamina multiplier in addition to a good amount of Critical Hit. Two Harps and either a third Harp or a Coruscant Crozier will guarantee Critical Hit with double Omega main auras.
    • 25px Last Storm Blade (M2): Niche utility weapon that's sometimes used for HP. Compared to similar limiting weapons in Omega II, Primal teams is not a thing but may become one later on. Decent mainhand for Glorybringer.
    • 25px Spear of Renunciation (Dark Opus): Extremely flexible weapon, especially after its 4Template:Star uncap.
    • 25px Spring's Whisperings (RotB): An upgrade to Last Storm Blade, and the best HP filler for Wind Omega behind Dark Opus weapons.
    • 25px Peridot Edge (RotB): Niche weapon for Progression, useful in longer battles when running double Omega summons.
    • 25px Coruscant Crozier (M2):Utility weapon for additional HP. Can be used alongside two Last Storm Harps to max out Critical Hit chance.
  • Summon Combination
  • Notable Omega Weapons
    • 25px Luminiera Bolt Omega (M1): Fundamental of early Luminiera Omega grids.
    • 25px Luminiera Harp Omega (M1): Slightly worse than Bolt, but can be used as a substitute.
    • 25px Luminiera Sword Omega (4Template:Star) (M1): Core weapon for Light Omega grids. Due to having both an Omega and Normal skill, you can use more of this weapon compared to other Omega weapons (up to 8). This also makes Bahamut Weapons in your grid less useful the more Swords you have.
    • 25px Mittron's Bow (M2): Utility weapon for the Stamina multiplier. Generally outclassed by Pillar of Flame, but one Bow can be used alongside two Pillars since it will max out the Critical Hit chance anyways and the dodge and counter skill has some value.
    • 25px Mittron's Treasured Blade (M2): Utility weapon for the Enmity multiplier. Generally outclassed by Ancient Artemis, though it also has a Small Critical Hit skill.
    • 25px Ancient Bow of Artemis (T1): Strong weapon with both Attack and Enmity. Characters in Light who can proactively take advantage of Enmity are rare, but it is effective in battles where you may not be able to maintain high HP.
    • 25px Sword of Renunciation (Dark Opus): Extremely flexible weapon, especially after its 4Template:Star uncap. Replaces a Lumi Sword.
    • 25px Mittron's Bow (M2): Core weapon for Omega II grids if you can obtain two 4★ copies. Provides a powerful Stamina multiplier in addition to a good amount of Critical Hit. Two Pillars and a Mittron's Bow will guarantee Critical Hit with double Omega main auras.

Primal Grids Edit

A more advanced/expensive team that uses the Normal premium summon series and strong Normal skill weapons. Zephyrus teams are not significantly stronger than Tiamat Omega teams, so wind currently doesn't have a Normal team worth building.

  • Summon Combination
    • 25px Agni + 25px Shiva (Summon): Standard option.
    • 25px Agni + 25px Agni: This option is used to greatly enhance the normal skills. It should be considered when the player have a large number of Stamina weapons in their grid (at least 3, in general 4). However, this does lose one slot for Shiva's powerful call.
    • As always, 25px Demi Agni may be used to replace Agni if needed.
  • Notable Normal Weapons
    • 25px Balmung (Side Story): Filler weapon for HP and enmity.
    • 25px Crimson Finger (Vintage): Core weapon for Enmity grids, filler/utility weapon in Stamina grids for situations where high HP percentage cannot be maintained easily.
    • 25px Ecke Sachs (T1): Better for double Agni builds (mainly for Full Auto teams, where Shiva's call wouldn't be used anyways).
    • 25px Erichthonius (T2): Powerful utility weapon for multiattack.
    • 25px Sword of Pallas (T2)/25px Ray of Zhuque Regus (RotB): Filler weapons for HP.
    • 25px Fire of Prometheus (T3): Filler weapon with enmity grid.
    • 25px Chains of Caucasus (T3): Centerpiece of an alternate Enmity grid. 4 Chains + 2 Fire of Prometheus will provide a strong EX modifier from Grand Epic and self-damage for Enmity. Powerful but difficult to obtain enough to make the grid worthwhile, and not suited for long battles.
    • 25px Ray of Zhuque Malus (RotB): Utility weapon for Damage Cap.
    • 25px Benedia (Grand): Filler weapon for Double Attack. If used with double Agni, 5 of them allow to reach 100% critical hit rate. Generally not recommended.
    • 25px Ixaba (Grand): Core weapon for Stamina grids.
    • 25px Purifying Thunderbolt (Grand): Niche weapon for its Sentence skill. Endgame Fire teams focus less on Charge Attacks, and maxing out the Crit chance is difficult.
    • 25px Scythe of Repudiation (Dark Opus): Extremely flexible weapon, especially after its 4Template:Star uncap.


As a sub ally, the Evoker 25px Caim provides a significant boost to stats if no weapon is used twice in the grid. This can allow for a powerful grid that requires less total Grand weapons and Damascus Ingots, and additionally benefits from 10% Cap Up. It is strongly recommended to have an Ichigo Hitofuri and AK-4A before considering this.

  • Summon Combination
  • Notable Omega Weapons
    • 25px Qinglong Spear Malus (RotB): Utility weapon for Damage Cap Up.
    • 25px Celeste Horn Omega (M1): Not ideal, but can be used as Enmity mod filler.
    • 25px Indra's Edge (T2): Utility weapon for Garrison. Useful in certain situations, like soloing high difficulty raids and Lucilius (Hard).
    • 25px Love Eternal (Grand): Core weapon for the high Attack modifier. Also a useful main weapon for its C.A. effect.
    • 25px Reunion (Grand): Utility weapon for the high Attack modifier and HP.
    • 25px Hatsoiiłhał (Malice): Utility weapon for enmity modifier and Charge Attack Damage Cap Up.
    • 25px Unius (T3): 4 FLB Unius provide a large amount of Attack as well as a total of 64% EX modifier. Can be used to create a strong Zephyrus grid that requires few Grands, but generally less popular due to the time investment needed, as well as the relative strength of Tiamat grids.
    • 25px Le Fay (T3): Offers a strong boost to multiattack and normal Attack in exchange for reducing max HP by 10%. Also provides an additional 16% EX modifier if used in a grid with 4 Unius.
    • 25px Spear of Assail (Vintage): Utility weapon for Enmity. Rarely used as the focus of a grid but useful to have in high-difficulty content.
    • 25px Vortex of the Void (Grand): Utility weapon for Stamina and more HP. 1~2 are often seen in grids.
    • 25px Sky Ace (Grand): Utility weapon for Sentence and more Attack and TA. Typically used in C.A.-centric teams with Seofon.
    • 25px Spear of Repudiation (Dark Opus): Extremely flexible weapon, especially after its 4Template:Star uncap.
  • Summon Combination
  • Notable Normal Weapons
    • 25px Luminiera Sword Omega (M1): A Lumi Sword Grid using Zeus' aura will already slightly higher damage than its Omega counterpart. However, spending Sunlight Stones for this is generally not worth it unless you plan to build a stronger Zeus grid later. Lumi Swords are also useful as filler/Omega modifiers if you have less Edens.
    • 25px Huanglong Katana (RotB): Provides much-needed Elemental ATK Up in a Zeus + Zeus setup. Needs the correct team composition to work (notably with Fif).
    • 25px Huanglong Spear (RotB): Powerful mainhand, especially in C.A.-centric setups.
    • 25px Eden (Grand): Core weapon for Stamina focused Zeus grids.
    • 25px Ivory Ark (Grand): Versatile weapon thanks to having three relevant bonuses in HP/ATK/Crit. 2 copies will allow around 90% Crit in a Zeus + Zeus team.
    • 25px Certificus (Grand): Powerful mainhand, also strong weapon for C.A. teams thanks to Sentence. Useful in harder content.
    • 25px Sacred Standard (Grand): Utility weapon for multiattack and Progression. Particularly effective in double Zeus setups where the elemental bonus from Progression is stronger. Only used in difficult content.
    • 25px Ruler of Fate (Draw): Niche weapon that can allow for very strong Charge Attacks. Usually 1~2 can fit in a grid alongside 2~3 Certificus.
    • 25px Bow of Artemis (T1): Utility weapon for the Enmity grids. Useful when running 25px Sleipnir Shoe.
    • 25px Sleipnir Shoe: Garrison skill source.
    • 25px Adamantine Gauntlet (T3): Only useful in double Zeus. Requires at least 3 FLB copies.
    • 25px Gungnir: Used in a 3 Adamantine Gauntlet grid to maintain high crit %.
    • 25px Bow of Iliad: Used in Adamantine Gauntlet grids. If you have 3 Gauntlets, run 2 Bows; for 4 Gauntlets, run 1 Bow.
    • 25px Sword of Repudiation (Dark Opus): Extremely flexible weapon, especially after its 4Template:Star uncap.
    • 25px Gambanteinn (Grand): Utility weapon for multiattack. Less commonly-used now, but keep just in case.
    • 25px Ethereal Lasher (Draw): Filler weapon for HP.
    • 25px Taming Sari (Vintage): Utility weapon for damage cap.
  • Summon Combination
  • Notable Normal Weapons
    • 25px Gisla (Vintage): Core weapon for enmity focused Hades grids.
    • 25px Cerberus Order (Showdown): Utility weapon for enmity grids with a powerful trium modifier.
    • 25px Diablo Bow (Showdowns): Filler weapon for HP.
    • 25px Qilin Bow (RotB): Very high attack modifier (at the cost of lower max HP) and a boost to skill damage cap. In battles where you hit damage cap and HP is not an issue, this weapon should definitely be taken into consideration.
    • 25px Hermanubis (T3): Good mainhand and relevant skills. Use it if you don't have Parazonium or if you want to use Axe classes.
    • 25px Majestas (Malice): Utility weapon for Garrison and HP. Mostly used for soloing high difficulty raids.
    • 25px Parazonium (Grand): Extremely powerful mainhand. Skills are borderline decent to put into a grid, but not optimal.
    • 25px Blutgang (Grand): Filler weapon for either Enmity or Stamina grids. A good mainhand option if long term sustain is needed.
    • 25px Fallen Sword (Grand): Core weapon for Stamina grids.
    • 25px Unheil (Grand): Powerful utility weapon as both HP and C.A. DMG Up are relevant. Great mainhand for harp classes and C.A.-centric teams. As it has no ATK modifiers, it's generally the last addition to an already-powerful grid.
    • 25px Bab-el-Mandeb (Grand): Versatile weapon thanks to having three relevant bonuses in HP/Attack/Crit. 3 copies (or 2 copies + 2 Blutgangs) will allow 100% Crit in a Hades + Hades team.
    • 25px Katana of Repudiation (Dark Opus): Extremely flexible weapon, especially after its 4Template:Star uncap.





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