Label Rarity SSR Icon16Earth Yggdrasil Dewbranch Omega Icon Blue Star
Yggdrasil Dewbranch Omega
Label Weapon Staff Level 1Level 100Level 150
HP 43 261 305
ATK 310 1945 2270

Yggdrasil Omega Showdown
Medusa Showdown
Baal Showdown
2500 Renown Pendants

Character Unlock


Weapon Skills
Ws skill atk m 3 2 Gaia's Might Medium boost to earth allies' ATK
Ws skill hp m 3 1 Gaia's Aegis Small boost to earth allies' max HP
Charge Attack
Nether Veil Big earth DMG to a foe / Bonus fire DMG

Final Uncap Materials

  15 Luteus Centrum Luteus Centrum
    3 Earth Urn Earth Urn
100 Earth Orb Earth Orb
255 Seismic Whorl Seismic Whorl

  20 Brown Dragon Scale Brown Dragon Scale
100 Coarse Alluvium Coarse Alluvium
200 Staff Stone Staff Stone
200 Earth Quartz Earth Quartz

Rupie cost: 10,000


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